April 28, 2021

Zero Soft Spots

At its very core, Clark International specializes in risk mitigation. Much like Jet Linx, the focus remains on delivering a product that allows heightened safety and security.

Successful executives should never have to worry about the well-being of their families and businesses. That work rests on the shoulders of the global team at Clark International (CI).

Clark International offers five products: travel and executive protection, a guard force, security technology, defense training and investigations. The services offered can be combined to provide concentric layers of protection, but executive security addresses the unique needs of each client. Whether a client needs residential or corporate security plans, a driver trained in defensive driving, or physical protection – Clark International provides peace of mind with discretion that’s only available from seasoned experts in security.

“Our services start with consistency in realistic, applicable training,” explained Dan Clark, CEO of Clark International. “When done properly, security doesn’t draw attention to the client. It’s about understanding the culture in which you’re operating, and blending in. That’s how we believe risk mitigation works.”

Clark International brings more than 25 years of experience to serve select clientele: prominent executives, politicians, religious leaders, military dignitaries and celebrities. Clark International’s philosophy in the beginning still holds true today: offering premium services to a select clientele through controlled growth in an effort to maintain quality.

To provide security for the world’s most high-profile individuals, Clark International hand-picks a team of people with backgrounds in defense strategies and cutting-edge tactical training. Their personnel include people in law enforcement specialty units like SWAT teams, State Department consultants, military operators who operated in high-risk countries, and secret service agents. With seasoned experts like this, clients receive an immediate tactical advantage.


“We’re a one-stop-shop for security,” Clark stated. “Protection programs for executives and their families, including domestic and international travel protection, encompasses a broad spectrum of services. From private investigations to personal defense training, to site security surveys, to physical security measures, to threat management… we’ve built a team of true professionals and experts in their respective fields.”

Clark International’s Executive Protection offers security for select C-suite employees in various forms. One element of a security plan could provide protection at a large shareholder’s meeting, but another element of the plan establishes access control to credentialed people, while threat assessment prior to the event and security drivers provide a tight plan to mitigate risk to the lowest level possible.

“When done properly, with concentric layers of protection in place, executive protection may be nearly undetectable,” Clark explained. “It’s not about drawing unnecessary attention to the client. It’s about a sophisticated understanding of culture that allows for discretion while providing protective services.”

Concierge-level service provided by agents offers cultural and linguistic sensitivity. Because of the global network, Clark International’s personnel are often multilingual, trained in verbal de-escalation, as well as a variety of defense tactics aimed at protecting targets in different circumstances.

Before a client embarks on a journey, Clark International prepares easy-to-read deliverables that examine local risks and recent criminal activity, but these documents also identify trustworthy hospitals and embassies. As a client moves from one checkpoint to another, the Operations Center has the ability to follow an itinerary and confirm the safe arrival of a client within a destination. Trusted drivers in global locations allow free and safe movement between checkpoints.

The Executive Protection Agents at Clark International actively promote safe and secure spaces through a positive and courteous presence. Agents are carefully screened and selected, and clients can customize the appearance and approach of a security team. Whether armed guards at a large event, or a courtesy officer for a private residence, solutions are curated towards the needs of each client. Because agents often double as first responders in critical situations, Clark International employs many agents trained in emergency medical response.

“Our Executive Protection Teams keep a low profile so as not to attract any added attention to a well-known or high net worth client,” Clark said. “Our Executive Protection Agents not only ensure safety and security, but they’re trained to double as personal assistants capable of communicating with a home office. We understand the challenges of traveling and this provides an added level of service.”


While businesses invest in the protection of corporate offices, criminals have begun to opt for private residences because they are viewed as ‘softer targets.’ To deter unwanted activity, Clark International conducts site security surveys to understand what safety and security measures are already in place and then make recommendations based on individual needs. The Security Technologies team can install customizable, automatic systems that protect clients at the office and at home. Electronic surveillance, access control technology, security lighting and alarm notification systems are leveraged together and communicate simultaneously to create the most effective, fortified security system possible.

“After performing a site survey, we can provide custom security technology solutions for clients, if desired,” explained Clark. “After installation, we can then manage those systems for the client, or pass off the responsibility to whoever the client chooses. But we do have the capability to monitor and respond to threats ourselves.”

Sophisticated camera systems installed by Clark International can respond to inclement weather by self-heating and shaking off water or snow buildup. Surveillance systems are also hard-wired to a power supply and connected to a secure server to eliminate potential hacking. Upon installation, cameras can be blended into buildings or scenery for added discretion.

Going a step beyond visual surveillance – microwave, human object detection software, and thermal technologies can be deployed to detect movement when other means of visual surveillance are unavailable. Microwave sensors and laser technology reduce false alarms caused by blowing leaves or movement from inanimate objects. Thermal sensors can create a thermal fence around a property so that when a warm body is detected within a given range, the system alerts the user to the presence of a potential intruder. Whenever a threat is detected, multiple layers of security technology come together to respond accordingly. For example, a person walks onto a property and is detected by microwave sensors, which then turn on a security light. With a laser sensor, a subject’s movement can be tracked at the speed of light and responsive camera systems then track the motion while also storing it on a private server.

All home security automation systems offered by Clark International are user-friendly and can be controlled remotely with a smart device. With the proper access, a user can control cameras, lighting, gate access, climate, hydraulic bollards and more. When an executive expects to be working late at the office, they can turn on their lights at home, all with the touch of a button. A single operator can monitor activity and alert local security personnel, police, fire and medical teams when necessary.


Education remains an important component for Clark International’s sustained success. Training courses offer self-defense techniques for executives and their families – but can also be offered to current security providers for more advanced training. Courses for executives looking to invest more in their own personal safety can demonstrate how to achieve heightened awareness in public or how to perform lifesaving procedures such as CPR. The courses are all rooted in research and technique and examine realistic scenarios. While advanced physical training can be offered to security professionals, clients can also learn the psychologies behind victim selection and how to verbally de-escalate a compromising situation in a corporate setting.

“We’re capable of training CEOs and their families to improve their situational awareness, but we can also train corporate security teams a variety of measures from martial arts to defensive driving techniques,” Clark stated. “We also have a doctor on staff who is a recognized expert in threat management, and we’ve been able to instruct HR departments on how to respond to employees who are perceived threats. Our doctor offers insights into someone’s psychological profile to gauge a threat level and then offers suggestions on how to respond to that type of behavior, which could mean using verbal de-escalation or using more extensive action.”

Whether someone seeks to advance a career in private protection or just wants to invest in their own personal security, Clark International offers courses ranging from Women’s Self-Defense to a five-day International Executive Protection that includes a hands-on defensive driving lesson.


“Our investigative services have provided intel to corporations for many different purposes. These services help clients with preemptive actions fueled by information-gathering,” Clark explained. “From investigating potential threats to exposing fraudulent activity, our team uses experience drawn from law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies. Highly-credentialed private investigators practice
within the confines of the law to address sensitive concerns discretely.”

With proper intel, security programs become much more effective. Clark International’s award-winning investigators have helped businesses make better decisions using more accurate intel. For example, pre-employment screenings go above and beyond to provide a holistic picture of an applicant’s character, ensuring that you’re working with trustworthy partners.

On the other hand, Clark International also performs public information analyses. With this service, information is taken from the public domain to reveal client data that can be freely found. Exposing vulnerabilities – such as a client’s address or phone number floating around on the web – remains a key part of formulating an effective security plan. Regularly scheduled analyses can expose online chatter that may pose a threat. Especially with high-profile individuals, it’s important to know what personal information can be accessed publicly. Plans are then put into place to remove that sensitive information, or assessments are made to strengthen potential soft spots exposed by the data.


“When it comes down to it, CI offers superior protection because of our 25 years of experience but also our well-maintained global network,” Clark commented. “From private investigations to personal defense training, to site security surveys, to physical security measures, to threat management… we’ve built a team of true professionals and experts in their respective fields.”

No matter where you travel around the globe, Clark International offers access to personnel that are familiar with the area, speak the local language and understand the customs and behavior of inhabitants. They stand ready to secure weak links with trained experts that know what kind of activity to look for and how to appropriately react.

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