Welcome to the YPO strategic alliance with Jet Linx! As a YPO member, you now have access to Jet Linx’s private jet services on a national scale. You will also be granted an “only-in-YPO” offer for contracting Jet Linx’s services at discounts only available to YPO.

Who is Jet Linx?
Jet Linx is a Jet Card and Aircraft Management company offering its private jet programs throughout the United States. Jet Linx is now extending its personalized private jet services at a discount to YPO members through this strategic alliance.
What exclusive offers do I receive as a YPO member?

All members are gifted a one-time no-obligation trial Jet Card flight. The trial Jet Card flight grants you the full privileges of a Jet Linx Jet Card without paying the customary upfront enrollment fee. For more information about other exclusive YPO” offers, please contact us.

  • Unlimited flight hours annually with no upfront deposit for hours of utilization
  • Guaranteed rates, availability, and an ARGUS Platinum standard of safety
How do I get hourly pricing information?
Please call your Jet Linx Client Service Specialist at 1.888.211.3791 or email them at ypo@jetlinx.com. You can also complete the online information request form.
What are Jet Linx’s Safety Standards?
Jet Linx has the highest safety certification in the industry and is ARGUS Platinum safety rated. The pilots receive in-house recurrent training every six months in addition to flight simulator training annually. Jet Linx has a full time safety staff, including a Director of Safety and Director of Compliance to ensure the very best safety practices on every flight. Jet Linx is also an IS-BAO Stage 3 and Wyvern Wingman registered company.
What airports can I use when flying with Jet Linx?
One of the many benefits of private jet travel is that you have access to 5,000 airports, versus the 500 commercial airlines. For specific airports, Jet Linx can provide you with the closest airport to your destination.
Does it matter what time I depart?
Another benefit to private jet travel is having the ability to make your own departure times, based on your schedule. There are no long lines, no connecting flights, no hassles of commercial travel… the plane won’t leave without you! This means you can simply set your desired departure or arrival time, and show up to the airport a few minutes before departure.
Can I bring my pet?
Absolutely! Jet Linx does however prefer to be made aware of the pet travelling, to discuss space limitations and safety measures to ensure a safe cabin environment for you and the pet. Some larger pet carriers may not fit in the cabin, but the pets do not need to be enclosed to a carrier while travelling.
How many bags can I bring on my flight?

This is based on the aircraft size and how many passengers are flying. Jet Linx requests that you use soft- sided luggage and if bringing golf clubs, no travel cases. Luggage compartments, both internal and external, can be awkward in shape, eliminating hard cases makes it easier to make more bags fit. If you are planning on bringing a lot of luggage, or anything large, (wheelchair, stroller, snowboards, guns, golf clubs, etc.), please reach out to Jet Linx for guidance.
Is there anything that I can’t bring on my Jet Linx flight?
There are some limitations to what you can and can’t bring on a flight, based on a Hazardous Materials list. This may include, but not limited to: explosives, compressed gas, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples: paint, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gasses, oxygen bottles, and radio-pharmaceuticals. If you have any questions, or are unsure of a particular item, reach out to a Jet Linx Client Service Specialist for more information.
Besides the upfront cost, and the hourly fee for the aircraft, what other fees can I expect?

On a standard flight, besides the hourly fee, there is a per-hour fuel surcharge based on the aircraft size (adjusted monthly) and 7.5 percent F.E.T. International Fees, catering and de-icing are additional and billed at the actual cost.

Can I charter a jet through Jet Linx?
No, Jet Linx does not offer a charter service. We reserve the availability of our fleet for our Jet Card clients, so we are ready at a moment’s notice to service their needs.

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