May 02, 2018

What is a Jet Card?

Private Jet Travel


Flying privately not only saves precious time but provides a stress-free, luxurious flying experience whether your planned destination is for business or pleasure – and you don’t have to own a private jet. Instead of enduring the endless interference of commercial air travel, smart flyers are turning to jet cards to escape the airport hustle, long lines and in-flight disruptions.

“A jet card is an agreement which allows the user guaranteed availability of a jet at fixed hourly rates, and with a guaranteed highest standard of safety,” Stephanie Anderson, Jet Linx Dallas Vice President of Sales and Operations, explained.

And it is so much more when you’re a Jet Linx Jet Card member! With the power of a national fleet combined with a personalized, local experience, Jet Linx offers a Jet Card program for those who expect the best in private travel for each and every flight. “Jet Linx Jet card clients have access to an entire fleet of aircraft including light, midsize, super midsize, and heavy jets, 365 days per year, and with little advanced warning,” Anderson remarked.

“Being a national provider, we take pride in delivering impeccable levels of service at our local Bases,” stated Alec LeFort, Jet Linx Vice President of Sales. “Our Bases are staffed with experienced people in not only aviation, but they truly understand the needs of our clients.”

Anderson agreed adding, “A Jet Linx Jet Card is really an entry into the Jet Linx family. Our members are treated like family on each and every flight. We have unparalleled customer service not only in aviation, but in any customer service industry in the country.”

Jet Linx has earned a stellar reputation in the private aviation industry for meeting high expectations – and regularly exceeding them. “Our clients schedule their flights with a local client service specialist, embark from a local private terminal and fly on local planes with local pilots they know and trust,” Anderson remarked. “We localize every aspect of our business so we can focus on providing our clients an unparalleled level of service and value.”

One client recently agreed ,saying, “No one has ever had my car washed and cold water in the cup holder when we landed. That extra little bit goes a long way and demonstrates attention to detail that I would imagine produces an extremely loyal customer base.”

In addition, Jet Linx members have a peace of mind knowing the aircraft they are flying on boast the highest standards of aircraft safety – standards that go above and beyond FAA regulatory requirements. From having the best safety and risk management systems to strict pilot training procedures and more, Jet Linx takes every measure to protect our clients, their family, friends and business associates. This attention to safety has earned Jet Linx the highest safety ratings in the industry – ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Stage 3, and Wyvern Wingman.

With access to a fleet of over 100 aircraft, 14 Base locations (and growing!) and guaranteed hourly rates, Jet Linx members are able to fly on their schedule – not the airlines schedule. “Jet Linx is used by sophisticated flyers,” LeFort noted. “We are able to guarantee availability to our clients who need to be assured an aircraft is there when they need it.”

Jet Linx Jet Card clients have access to more places across the country (including over 5,000 airports nationwide) and around the world, without additional charges for pilot wait time, pilot expenses, overnights, or repositioning flights often charged to clients in other jet card programs. Whether the destination is a one-way trip for a business venture or round-trip for a family vacation, members are charged for occupied flight time only. Being part of the Jet Linx Jet Card program provides jet access “to” and “from” anywhere in our primary service area and around the world with unequaled world-class customer service.

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