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Welcome to the Jet Linx National Operations Center

Jan 27, 2020 | National Operations Center

Explore the Jet Linx National Operations Center (NOC) in Omaha, Nebraska.


Jet Linx team members at this location are tasked with assisting local Base teams in various ways. Flight Coordination, Fleet Optimization, Crewing, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, and Senior Management all provide support to teams working across the country. The National Operations Center is the backbone that unites and strengthens private aviation services.



Jamie Walker, President and CEO: Jet Linx was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1999. We offer a more personalized approach to private jet travel. When we looked at the marketplace, we realized that there was a large piece of the equation missing for the customer, and that was the customer service experience. In order to fix that, we had to focus all of our efforts on a local operation in Omaha, Nebraska. We developed a NOC to provide the infrastructure and support to our Bases, so they can focus on the one thing that matters most – the client experience.

Erin Donnelly, now Vice President of Revenue Management: I’m standing in the center of our new National Operations Center that houses our fleet management team. This consists of five departments, all who play an integral part in the preparation and execution of each flight.

Jes Wingad, Training Manager: The training room here at the NOC was designed to facilitate the training of all crew members, as well as all other team members. For the crew members especially, it’s important for them to be here for the training, because they have the opportunity to meet the Flight Coordination and Optimization teams. We’re able to use that in their line operations, so they see a bigger picture.

Kari Johnson, now Director of Publications: Jet Linx is laser focused on our safety. Our safety standards are exceeding the industry for every element of our flight operation.

Jay Vidlak, now Senior Vice President: Here at the National Operations Center, we have a dedicated team of experts to help manage and implement best practices at our new Bases. Client service representatives provide the highest level of customer service to each of our clients. We are proud to be able to support them at the National Operations Center. We provide consistent training for an unparalleled operation.

Erin Donnelly, now Vice President of Revenue Management: We’ve always been one team, and the new space at the NOC allows us to work and feel like one.  

Jamie Walker, President and CEO: We want every experience our client has with our company to be truly memorable, and exceed their expectations. We are proud to promote that mission each and every day at the National Operations Center. Jet Linx is Your Personal Jet Company.