July 01, 2015

Washington, DC Private Jet Base Ready for Takeoff

Jet Linx is ready for private jets to take off in Washington, DC! Greg Kinsella joined the Jet Linx family in May as the Base President for our future Washington, DC location, and will lead our Base’s growth. Dawn Schrammel, Client Services Specialist, joins Kinsella as we continue to develop our DC Base.

“The Washington, DC market is a very low key and discrete private aviation market,” Kinsella explained. “The financial demographics of the area should support a larger fleet of aircraft, or more aircraft owners; however, this is a fiscally conservative market.” Kinsella identified charter, jet card and fractional ownership as popular options in the DC area, and looks to Jet Linx to provide better options in the marketplace. He is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, and has brought momentum to Jet Linx’s efforts in the area.

“Jet Linx is a perfect fit for the Washington, DC market due to the fact that aircraft management and the charter market here are very fragmented,” Kinsella said. “There is no one major service provider in this market, whether it be a local operator or a national brand. There are also a lot of in-house flight departments, because those owners have not been able to find a personalized level of service with the existing aircraft management service providers. On the charter side of the equation, end users are forced to shop around for their flight options or use a broker for a premium, causing additional hassle and cost to the charter purchase process.” These inefficiencies make Jet Linx a smarter option for private jet travel. “The effective combination of the local Jet Linx base with significant customer-facing infrastructure and personnel capabilities combined with the robust back-office operating system of the Jet Linx National Operations Center creates a very compelling solution to aircraft owners and jet card clients alike,” he continued.

Kinsella, a longtime resident of the DC metro area, is thrilled to help bring Jet Linx to the area. “The Washington, DC area is a unique place to be, with the combination of political and business power, technical capability and financial influence alongside vast arrays of culture and endless history,” he said. “Where else can you meet with your member of Congress, watch the World War II Victory Capitol Flyover over the National Mall and World War II Memorial, propose an aviation business solution to one of the founders of the world’s largest internet service provider and enjoy The International Gold Cup, an international Kentucky Derby-related steeplechase tradition held in the beautiful Virginia countryside – all within a span of 36 hours?”

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