We truly live in a global society. Whether it is for work or play, people are traveling abroad more now than ever. According to the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, over 72.5 million people in the United States will travel abroad this year alone. For many, multiple international trips per year is not uncommon.

Planning to travel to a foreign country presents a host of logistical questions – from understanding current conversion rates to knowing what vaccines might be needed. And once out of the country, many people are not prepared to handle an emergent situation, like a security or medical crisis. “What would you do if you got in a car accident, caught a rare bacteria, or suffered a severe concussion when falling off a surf board into the rocks?” asked Keith Binkley, Chief Executive Officer & President for Valor Agency. “In a foreign country, a medical or security emergency can prove many times more stressful due to language barriers or not knowing where to go for reputable care. That is why Valor is here – to provide the right advice at the right time, and to ensure your peace of mind.”

International Travel News’ statistics show that at least one in every 1,000 people traveling abroad will incur a serious medical emergency. Many people might assume that their healthcare or personal insurance plans or trip insurance would cover many of the expenses in the event of a medical crisis, but in fact, this is often not the case – and a lack of such assistance can lead to a very costly situation. In some countries, it is not unheard of for the medical facility to demand large upfront cash payments before taking care of the patient, or for the institution to confiscate the patient’s passport and not allow them to leave until payment has been made. “Needless to say, our team at Valor does not want people to be put in such a situation,” noted Binkley.

“During my travels over the past 25 years, I have learned how quickly a great day on the beach or a normal day at the office can take a turn for the worse in a split second,” noted Binkley. “I admit, due to the unfamiliarity of a foreign country, I was often not prepared to handle the crisis, or was not in a position to take quick effective action.” Binkley attributes this reaction to both the unfamiliarity of being in another country, and the basic idea that, “like many other people I know, nothing bad is ever going to happen to me or my loved ones – right?!”

“What I have learned, though, is that unexpected things can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.As a father of two wonderful children who will both study abroad, a husband of a beautiful lady who is adventurous and loves to travel, and as an active business executive that travels internationally often to see and entertain clients, I wanted to lead a company that helped prepare, protect, and provide the peace of mind and confidence needed so that we all can travel the world and live our lives to the fullest,” Binkley concluded. And with that mission, Valor Agency was founded.

The Valor Agency team is comprised of well traveled, globally aware business people who have a diverse background in emergency medical services, personal security, risk management, crisis management and global travel. Through the Valor Card membership program, the company provides global emergency medical and security services, from pre-travel intelligence reports to support in emergency situations – a combination the company calls a “proactive approach to global safety.”

Valor Agency has two 24/7 Emergency Operations Centers, staffed around the clock with doctors, nurses and case managers, together with operations partner Dynamiq’s full-time team of security and crisis management experts. “In a medical emergency, all cases are handled by our nursing and doctor team. All logistical support is managed by our case management team, such as flying loved ones to the hospital bed of a sick/injured individual,” said Anthony Moorhouse, Dynamiq’s Founder and Strategic Advisor for Valor Agency. In a security or natural disaster case, case managers work with the Valor security and crisis team to respond, and if necessary, evacuate clients that are in danger. “This support includes managing the quality control and payment of our 7,000 strong provider network around the world. Our team includes trauma directors, surgeons, nurses, crisis management experts, former tier-1 special forces, former secret service, and risk management professionals,” Moorhouse noted.

Valor and Dynamiq work together seamlessly. “We are aligned in everything we do and even share team members,” Moorhouse said.”While we may have different brands, we are one team.” >>





>> Valor’s Relationship Managers and Dynamiq’s Case Managers work hand in hand to ensure clients receive the best possible service both proactively and responsively.

Dynamiq currently looks after over one million travelers annually, and responded to 12,000 cases in 155 countries last year alone. Valor members in need of emergency assistance while traveling abroad contact the Dynamiq 24/7 Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) and are immediately placed in contact with the highly experienced case management team.

The EOC is designed to help troubleshoot any medical or security emergency. “The case manager will work with the caller to understand their situation and the type of assistance they need,” said Moorhouse. “The Valor team helps our clients with all types of assistance, from simple medical inquiries that need a referral to a reputable local clinic to highly complex and time sensitive air ambulance evacuations.”

While medical assistance may be more common, the experts at Valor and Dynamiq stand ready to assist should an issue of personal security arise as well. “We also assist members who are experiencing or involved in security related incidents when traveling in a foreign country, such as robbery, illegal detention or kidnap for ransom. We excel in remote, complex, or hostile situations.”

Valor works to provide not only reactionary support when needed, but also valuable assistance in pretrip planning to ensure the best possible results. Pre-trip intelligence reports for Valor clients include a plethora of different services and technology that are designed to prepare the client to travel with confidence. In depth country reports reference both medical and security situations.

“That can include areas to avoid, the political and cultural environment, where to get proper medical help, advised transportation, how to properly navigate the environment, and how to ensure you will have an enjoyable and safe trip,” said Jade Pender, Valor Agency Executive Vice President. “Going more in-depth, we can provide one-on-one consultation with medical or security experts that will help you with your specific needs and risk profile. This can be as simple as making sure you have the right medications and proper access to the best possible care, to providing close personal protection, planning your secure transportation route, tracking your movements, implementing check in’s with the emergency operations centers or anything to do with your personal welfare.”

Customized pre-trip intelligence and planning measures ensure the reports and tools perfectly fit the client’s unique lifestyle and risk profile. “No two clients are the same, and that is what we excel in,” continued Pender. “We can provide duress devices or duress apps that connect into our emergency operations centers, and iridium-based devices that will work even out of cell range. Our customization allows our clients to travel anywhere in the world and know help is only a click or call away for any medical or personal safety reason.”

Pender points out the services offered by Valor Agency are truly designed to make global travel more familiar and comfortable. “You now have resources that were once only available to diplomats and country leaders,” he remarked. “You can now travel to unknown locations having confidence that not only are you fully aware of the local landscape and best practices, but you also have a world class team behind you, to support your every need before, during, and after your travel.”


Valor Leadership Team


Anthony Moorhouse is a Strategic Advisor for Valor Agency. Moorhouse is a successful entrepreneur and social enterprise educator, investor and mentor. In 2005, he started Dynamiq Pty. Ltd., an emergency management business. Over the next 12 years, he led Dynamiq to become an international medical and security company which supports over one million people in 155 countries.


Jade Pender is Executive Vice President for Valor Agency. He works closely with the executive team to craft and communicate the company’s vision. Pender has business experience with a focus on technology, operations, revenue growth, marketing, and strategy servicing global organizations in the sports, security, travel, and emergency response industries.


Keith Binkley is Chief Executive Officer and President of Valor Agency. Binkley has over 20 years business experience with a focus on revenue growth, marketing, and team leadership servicing global organizations in the commercial real estate, insurance, emergency response and private equity industries.

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