August 20, 2019

Travel with What Matters to You

Overall, private aviation is extremely accommodating to animals. Dogs, cats – even monkeys – are allowed on board our jets. The Jet Linx Fleet Optimization department may inquire about the breed and weight of a pet so that an appropriate aircraft can be reserved. As for other stipulations, the same rules apply to pets as to people and personal items – with safety top of mind, Jet Linx requires that pets never block aisles or safety exits.

Jet Linx Client Service Specialists love accommodating for animals, and often have treats and snacks ready to go. The new private terminal being built at Jet Linx Nashville will even have a miniature dog park for furry friends to shake off the pre-flight jitters. The Nashville Base regularly hosts Jet Card clients with pets, including a Senator who regularly flies with his four Australian Shepherds: Pace, Nickel, Pearl, and Finn.

For Jet Linx clients traveling with pets, the most important thing remains to tell your local team ahead of time. This way, they can make special accommodations to make the trip extra enjoyable for your pet, from treats to cabin touches. Paige Beahm, Lead Client Service Specialist of Jet Linx Nashville, often keeps treats and collapsible water dishes on hand for when pets arrive, and her team knows their frequent furry fliers by name.

Beahm explained how she provides Jet Linx pets with VIP service. “When a client tells us they’re bringing a pet, we are sure to input the data in our client information system to track the breed, name, and needs of the animal for future trips. I also like to prepare little gift baskets for pets!” she exclaimed. Jet Linx Client Service Specialists treat animals the same as our members and owners – no request is too much to handle. “Lastly, we make sure to secure animal-friendly ground transport for when our clients land. We handle everything for people flying with their pets.”

The newly released Jet Linx Mobile App even accounts for the travel of treasured animal companions. Clients booking travel within the App can note their animal travel companions as a part of the initial flight request, making it easy to secure lift for those traveling with pets.

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