December 01, 2022

Tips for Beginner Private Jet Travel

Experience Luxury Travel

If you’re new to private jet travel, you may have questions like how to book a private jet or how boarding a private jet works. With more than 20 years of experience in luxury travel, Jet Linx offers the best way to fly private and these tips for beginners will ensure a positive and comfortale flight experience. This beginner’s guide covers many topics such as the different types of private jets, where to park and what to pack. When you’re more familiar with your options, you can easily customize your private jet travel experience, making it a repeatable yet unforgettable journey. 

Whether you’re a first-time private jet flyer or you’ve flown private jet charter before, the Jet Linx flight experience stands out from the rest. With private terminals and local Flight Concierge teams that offer Five-Star service to accommodate your personal needs, our clients enjoy an elevated and consistent experience, all with the guaranteed highest standard of safety.

Types of Private Jets

Private jets come in all shapes and sizes, from Light Jets to Ultra-long range Heavy Jets, each offering unique capabilities that serve different mission profiles. When you schedule a flight with Jet Linx, our Flight Coordination teams match you with an aircraft to fit your needs, offering a balance between value, comfort, customer preference and aircraft capability. For example, taking a Heavy Jet on a short mission would not be an efficient or economical choice, unless the client needs to transport a larger party or extra cargo. Each mission profile is unique, and our fleet of more than 120 aircraft of 30 different makes and models offers a perfect solution to clients’ needs.

Heavy Jets are among the longest-range private jets available and offer a large cabin with every comfort that you would find at your own home or office on the ground.

Jet Linx offers four main categories within our private jet fleet: Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super-midsize Jets, and Heavy Jets. Hourly rate, capability, amenities and storage capacity differ greatly between each aircraft, even within the same size category. Some private jets are built with speed in mind, and others offer extra room and cabin amenities. Below is a summary of private jet size and capability.

Light Jets are ideal for business or leisure travel, as they can land at many airports and offer the lowest hourly rates. Popular models include the Phenom 300, Learjet 40, Hawker 400XP, Citation CJ3/CJ4, Citation Bravo and the trusty Beechjet 400A.

  • Typically flies 1,350 miles without a fuel stop
  • Cruising speeds of 400-450 miles per hour
  • Can seat up to seven passengers
  • Offers a small lavatory and beverage center

Midsize Jets offer a bit more comfort and capability than Light Jets, as they offer more amenities and can accomplish mission profiles of slightly longer range with additional space for passengers or cargo. Nearly 30% of Jet Linx flights take place on these luxury jets, as they are prized for their versatility and efficiency. Popular models include the Gulfstream G150, Learjet 45, Hawker 800XP, Citation XLS, Citation Excel, and the Citation VII.

  • Typically flies 2,000 miles without a fuel stop
  • Cruising speeds of 430-480 miles per hour
  • Can seat up to eight passengers
  • Offers an enclosed lavatory and full or partial galley

Super Midsize Jets offer more luxury than smaller models, with coast-to-coast performance capabilities and enough room for passenger to spread out and relax or carry on with business. These luxury private jets offer a very economic choice for longer-range travel. Popular models in the Jet Linx fleet include the Gulfstream G200, Falcon 50EX, Challenger 300, Legacy 500, Citation Sovereign and Citation X.

  • Typically flies 3,500 miles without a fuel stop
  • Cruising speeds of 490-600 miles per hour
  • Can seat up to eight passengers comfortably
  • Offers an enclosed lavatory and full or partial galley

Heavy Jets are the most luxurious and capable, offering global reach and many of the same comforts that can be found at home. These large cabin jets can fly nearly anywhere in the world while offering large onboard spaces for storage, rest, entertainment or productivity – all while operating with elite speed and incomparable luxury. Popular models within the Jet Linx fleet include the Legacy 600, Global 5000, Gulfstream V, Falcon 900EX, Gulfstream G650ER and the Challenger 604.

  • Typically flies 7,500 miles without a fuel stop
  • Cruising speeds of 480-560 miles per hour
  • Can seat up to 12 passengers comfortably
  • Offers an enclosed lavatory, fully-equipped galley and complimentary Air Hostess

Luxury private jets offer endless options for travel with access to thousands of airports across the globe. Choosing where to go and when will be your biggest problem when flying private, but with the Elevated Lifestyle Trip Planner, Jet Linx and our Elevated Lifestyle (EL) partners make it easy to envision a curated itinerary just for you.

For example, if you fly on a Midsize Jet from Jet Linx Chicago, you could fly anywhere in North America. Passengers could easily reach Canyon Ranch Woodside in northern California, or relax at a beachy Five-Star resort like Half Moon Jamaica, part of the EL Preferred Hotels program. Flying on a Heavy Jet from Jet Linx New York, the world is at your fingertips; a trip to Istanbul’s Six Sense Kocatas Mansions or a retreat to the renowned Brando hotel in Tahiti – both Jet Linx partner properties – would be easily accomplished, all in complete and utter luxury.

Arriving and Parking at the Private Terminal

All Jet Linx Base locations offer private jet terminals only accessible by Jet Linx Jet Card Members or Aircraft Owners. Each city-specific Base location offers secured entry with a dedicated local team to greet and serve all of your personal travel needs. All Jet Linx private jet terminals come outfitted with everything necessary to relax or remain productive: fully stocked kitchenettes, private lounges, secluded workstations, conference rooms, private restrooms, and complimentary snacks and beverages are all on hand. Passengers may opt to park planeside for an ultra-quick takeoff, where our ground crews will park guest’s vehicles in a secure location where they will be washed, detailed, and parked planeside once more at the guest’s arrival.

Jet Linx Base locations offer a private terminal complete with an executive lounge, our local Flight Concierge team on hand, and much more to ensure your flight experience is unlike any other.

Unlike a crowded airport terminal or public FBO with little privacy, all Jet Linx private jet terminals offer the utmost privacy paired with Five-Star service. Passengers only need to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before takeoff – just enough time for a snack or beverage while our flight crews load baggage and prepare for takeoff.

Packing for Private Jet Travel

While the notion of private air travel suggests the freedom of packing infinitely, there are firm safety-related weight restrictions in place. Luggage capacity impacts aircraft performance, particularly on smaller airplanes. Hence, private jet operators always inquire about not only the number of passengers traveling, but also weight and estimated amount of luggage prior to every trip to ensure maximum safety and best aircraft performance. Most private jets offer both internal and external storage, with clients encouraged to bring a carry-on bag with items that need to be readily accessible.

Private jet operators like Jet Linx follow the same procedures and protocols for hazardous materials as commercial air travel. For aerosols, there is a designated “dangerous goods procedure” in place. In terms of firearms – popular for hunting expeditions – those must be declared and packed in a specific way for the safety of the clients, crew and aircraft. However, unlike commercial travel where the TSA restricts the size container for liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes, full-size toiletries and liquor that are normally restricted in a carry-on can be brought in luggage. When in doubt, our clients simply contact their local Flight Concierge team ahead of a trip.

Traveling with Pets on a Private Plane

One of the great benefits of flying private is the ability to bring your beloved pets along. Flying private with pets is typically no problem. Simply provide the names, weights and ages of your furry companions so we can ensure they receive the same signature Five-Star service experience as our clients. The ability to board a private jet with pets sometimes depends on the destination (especially in international travel). While it is not mandated for pets to be crated, they must be kept from roaming around freely to ensure their safety in the cabin. If you have a more exotic pet, it is always advised to contact your local team ahead of time so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Flying private with Jet Linx is a Five-Star experience for all members of your family – even your four-legged pals

Boarding a Private Jet

Boarding a private jet is a far easier and more enjoyable experience than commercial travel. Unlike in commercial air travel where you have gates, security, bridges and long lines of other passengers anxiously waiting until they get to their seat, at when flying privately with Jet Linx, you will be greeted by the crew and/or local Flight Concierge and escorted to the aircraft for departure. It is a seamless and very relaxing experience with utmost privacy and without any interruption.

Instead of tickets, private jet clients receive a confirmation email and can board the plane whenever they’re ready. The only necessary items when boarding a private jet are a valid ID, plus a passport if travelling internationally. Additional security protocols take place behind the scenes, unless passengers are traveling to high-security, restricted airports such as a few in the Washington D.C. area. Passengers should also know that most private jets have a few steps from the ground into the cabin. Passengers with mobility issues can often be accommodated by our ground crews, but licensed and certified medical service providers can be arranged for support as well.

What is Travel Like on a Private Plane?

Jet Linx flight crews will provide passengers a detailed safety briefing for each flight that also includes flight time and weather conditions en route and at destination. Passengers will be made aware of emergency exits, utilization of seatbelts and how to operate the main cabin door. Jet Linx safety standards remain the best in the industry, and ensuring the security of our passengers will always come first, no matter what.

Pending aircraft size, a flight attendant or air hostess may be aboard to assist with in-flight food and beverage, although the crew will also ensure clients are aware of all items available for  their journey. When flying private in a Heavy Jet, an air hostess is provided complimentarily, and can be provided upon request in Super Midsize private jet. Jet Linx does not guarantee such service on Midsize Jets or Light Jets due to the limited space in the cabin.

During the flight, one of the crew members will leave the cockpit and walk back into the cabin to check on clients and ascertain their utmost comfort. We can arrange for any preferred catering or desired snacks, meals, beverages etc. well in advance. We also take an opportunity to surprise and delight our clients with treats pending their personal preferences or celebratory travels. Lastly, each private plane’s interior layout, design, and amenities will differ. Jet Linx remains happy to source the aircraft with the desired amenities whenever possible to ensure a consistent and personalized private jet travel experience.

Arrival at Your Destination or Jet Linx Private Terminal

Upon arrival at a Jet Linx private terminal, Jet Linx Base teams along with crew will assist with the unloading of luggage and passenger vehicles will be parked planeside (if permissible at the airport). Jet Linx also arranges for the washing and cleaning of client vehicles in advance, in addition with the vehicle being prepared for client’s immediate departure (water provided, engine running, A/C or heat turned on pending season). In addition, we can arrange for rental vehicles or chauffeured transportation in advance of arrival.

Generally, a client can expect to come and go on the same private jet, however, there are times when another aircraft may be used for a return trip. In such events we ensure clients are made aware to avoid any potential disruption or inconvenience. Hence it is always important for clients to ensure no personal items are left on the aircraft upon deplaning.

When travelling international, the majority of all required customs documentation is handled by Jet Linx well in advance of travel. The customs officials at both locations will have the necessary forms in hand for the arrival and departure. Each country and airport have different procedures in place when it comes to clearing customs. The flight crew will advise when the passengers can deplane and direct them where to go next. Much care is taken so that clients never waste a moment worrying about customs or the deplaning process.

The ease, convenience, safety and security of private jet travel with Jet Linx offers the best Five-Star flight experience.

Know Before You Fly Private

After flying privately for the first time, many passengers choose never to return to commercial air travel. The ease, convenience, safety and security of private jet travel offers the best flight experience in the world. When compared to charter, fractional or other Jet Card programs, only Jet Linx provides Five-Star, personalized service and does so at a national scale with local teams that know your name, your travel habits and your preferences.

We know our clients depend on our elite aviation services, and our guaranteed private jet access, guaranteed hourly rates and guaranteed highest standard of safety offer the most complete and consistent private jet travel experience.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Jet Card and Aircraft Management programs.

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