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What Is an Anti-Spa? The Fuel Stop in NYC

Between the demands of work and an active family and social life, it can be difficult to devote time to refueling your body. Although spending a day at the spa to rejuvenate and unwind sounds ideal, most people aren’t able to fit it into their demanding schedules – even a simple spa treatment can stretch over an hour. However, rejuvenating the mind and body are necessary to keep up with a busy lifestyle and avoid metabolic slowdown and low energy.

Nutritionist Mila Joura faced the same challenges as an active professional in New York City and mother of two children. After 20 years of working with international business leaders and athletes to achieve optimal physical and mental performance along with a fast-paced lifestyle, Joura saw a need for a solution. For this reason, she created The Fuel Stop – a fast-track regeneration concept in New York City, otherwise known as the urban anti-spa.

Unlike a typical spa experience, The Fuel Stop offers revolutionary treatments that reset your mind and body within minutes – ideal for those looking for a quick and effective reboot. “Most of our clients live intense lifestyles combining business travel, professional engagements and family life – so their main concerns are lack of energy, compromised immune system, brain fog, lack of and inconsistent sleep, and emotional changes,” explained Joura. The Fuel Stop clients are mostly working professionals, both men and women, who are looking for sustainable support to stay on top of their game, feel and look great, never get sick, travel without jet lag and multitask with focus and endurance.

One of the popular anti-spa services at The Fuel Stop is the Re-Plus Vitamin IV Push – a 15-minute IV infusion of concentrated vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the bloodstream to help reenergize and reduce fatigue. Other treatments include advanced age-erase facials, ozone/infrared detox, brain-power formulas, and cryotherapy – in their advanced natural air full immersion Cryochamber (the only one in the U.S.). Whole body cryotherapy exposes the entire body to temperatures as low as -230° F for up to three minutes, causing a thermal shock to your body without actually affecting your

temperature. The extreme temperatures activate circulation, flush endorphins, produce energy and stimulate the immune system – resulting in full-body rejuvenation in a matter of minutes. “You can drive across the country or you can take a plane. Cryotherapy is my super-sonic jet to the ‘bionic body,’” described Joura.

Jet Linx New York Base Operating Partner Isaac Flanagan had the opportunity to experience The Fuel Stop’s Cryochamber first-hand. “It is simply remarkable,” said Flanagan. “At the end of a long day, I felt like my internal clock had been reset and it was 8 a.m. again.”

Although results are immediate, keeping up with regular treatments once or twice a week is ideal to sustain the benefits
of cryotherapy. “We have a large family of fuel-stoppers who regularly come for treatments. Once you get the feeling of fast-track regeneration – great energy, elevated mood, deeper sleep and glowing appearance – you start craving it and the once-a-week fix becomes a must,” said Joura, adding, “I do it five days a week and really miss it when I travel. There’s nothing else that treats jet lag and helps with energy and mood in such a short period of time.”

As the only one of its kind, The Fuel Stop’s urban anti-spa concept is the future of wellness, especially in an increasingly fast-paced world. With a growing demand for quick yet sustainable spa treatments, Joura plans to expand beyond New York City and establish their services in other major U.S. city centers and global cosmopolitan markets. “Our customer base is not only international, but global in orientation,” stated Joura. “I believe that there are certain centers within the U.S. and internationally where the concept makes perfect sense – Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Zurich, for example. It is a concept which is very accessible, but it will never be mass-market. That’s why Jet Linx and The Fuel Stop make perfect partners.”

Headed to the Big Apple? Jet Linx clients flying in or out of NYC have an invitation to experience the urban anti-spa through a complimentary cryotherapy session. Contact your EL Concierge Team for details.


Mila Joura

Founder, The Fuel Stop



Whole Body Cryotherapy

By exposing the whole body to extreme temperatures (-230°F)
for a short time (maximum three minutes), Full Submersion Cryotherapy creates a thermal shock without causing a drop in body temperature. This thermal shock has several effects on the body: analgesic (reduction of pain), anti-inflammatory and stimulant.

Re-Plus Vitamin IV Push

Vitamin IV Push is an advanced 15 minute delivery of concentrated vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the blood stream without unnecessary saline drip bags for immediate results.

BodySculpt & Age-Erase Facials

Enhance the Fuel Stop experience with BodySculpt to combat cellulite and eliminate fat deposits. Guests can achieve a healthy glow with the Age-Erase Facial.

OCI – 10

Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy – the only modality that simultaneously works on all the major systems
in the body. The combination of all these therapies provides the greatest, fastest and easiest form of detoxification available.

NAD Therapy 

NAD+ is a molecule found in every cell in the body. NAD+ is used to power metabolism by enabling the mitochondria and is required to “turn off” genes implicated in accelerated aging processes. As we age, levels of NAD decline substantially, leaving us at greater risk for neuro and muscular degeneration, negative impacts to our cardiometabolic health and decreases in cellular repair and resiliency. With NAD infusions the signs of aging can be reversed. NAD: Protects and repairs DNA, helps build healthy muscles, cures fatigue and depression.