The Jet Linx Mobile App

Everything You Need to Fly Privately

As Jet Linx continues to find ways to make private jet travel easier for their Jet Card members, the focus continues to revolve around the ever-evolving and expanding Jet Linx mobile App. Revamped and refreshed in 2019, the App carries a lot of promise to bring Jet Linx services out of the skies and directly into the hands of paying customers.

“We see so much potential with the App, especially with improved navigation. We haven’t scratched the surface of what could be done with it. The release of the OpenSeat Exchange as an addition to the App should come as great news to anyone that is currently a client or thinking of becoming one,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President and CEO. The Jet Linx OpenSeat Exchange is available exclusively through the App and made industry headlines for its unique twist on ride sharing programs.

While the OpenSeat Exchange is the most exciting feature to be rolled out within the App, there are multiple other value-adds that have been overshadowed. Aircraft owners have access to streams of real-time statistics through a new dashboard configuration. Jet Card members can effortlessly book flights, browse One-Way Specials, and more. The power of a nationwide fleet of private jets is now at your fingertips.

The Jet Linx App offers tools for Jet Card Members and Aircraft owners. See the full list of benefits below:

  • The latest benefits and offers from partners of the Elevated Lifestyle Program are accessible
  • Enhanced airport radius search allows Members to see flights from both preferred and surrounding airports
  • OpenSeat inventories are updated minute-by-minute, giving clients more opportunities to maximize the value of their jet program memberships
  • One-way flight specials are continuously updated, offering the lowest prices for private jet travel in the nation
  • Referring friends to the Jet Card program can be done within the App, and referral flight credits can be claimed with the touch of a button

The Jet Linx App opens up a new avenue of communication for Jet Linx Jet Card members that might be too time-strapped to arrange a flight. Instead, they need only to tap a few buttons and a private jet will be ready and waiting for them at their preferred airport. Even special requests and ground transportation can be managed through the App, improving the flying experience with very little hassle for Jet Card members and Aircraft owners. Executive Assistants managing accounts for their supervisors will also find the App to be a huge time-saver, as well as a way to contact Jet Linx quickly when business meetings pop up out of nowhere.

While the App offers a hands-off approach to flying with Jet Linx, Client Service Specialists are always standing by, ready to answer questions or help plan trips. Whether you prefer the app or dialing your local Jet Linx team, you’re going to receive the same world class service and safety that Jet Linx is know for.

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