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AT STITCH GOLF, IT COMES DOWN TO THE DETAILS – TO THE VERY LAST STITCH. While the apparel is minimal in design, the process of researching, sourcing, creating, and manufacturing is anything but. Charlie Burgwyn, founder and Creative Director of STITCH Golf, travels nearly 100 days per year in search of the best fabrics from the finest manufacturers. He has knitting and sewing facilities in Korea and Taiwan, yarn sourced from Australia, and leather that originates from Italy and Brazil. Every detail is painstakingly examined, and perfection is the par.

STITCH operates in Cary, North Carolina, just outside of the research triangle area encompassing Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham. This is fertile ground for golfing, and it has also proven fruitful for STITCH., which grew by 400% from 2017 to 2018, and by 372% from 2018 to 2019 after recapitalization and the addition of a new management team. Those numbers look good considering that Burgwyn was operating out of a 10x10 air-conditioned storage unit back in 2012, which was a major upgrade from the birthplace of STITCH: Burgwyn’s kitchen table.

As a kid, Burgwyn spent a lot of time in his mother’s clothing store, “My parents were retailers so I’ve always been around merchandising and retailing. Then I worked for nearly ten years as a sales rep with Callaway and Ashworth to launch their golf apparel.” Of course, Burgwyn also played a lot of golf, becoming a registered class A PGA club professional at one point before working with Callaway.

It was during his retail career that he noticed a gap in the golf apparel in the market – head covers. Most people just used the free set that came with their clubs, but they were often bulky and not exactly stylish.

Inspiration came to Burgwyn when he traveled to Southampton, New York, at a golf course called The Bridge, which was once an old racetrack. “There was a 1958 Porsche Speedster parked in the lot. It had a stripe and a number on it, and I thought it was really neat design and I wanted to do something with it. And that led to our first head cover design, The Racer. So that’s how the company began, inspired by vintage motorsport design.”

After a successful run in the club cover business, STITCH then moved on to create the SL1 Golf Bag. The SL1, which stands for “Superleggera,” is a reference to the ultra-lightweight automobile chassis used for sports cars like the Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. As a result, the bag has streamlined design and weighs only 57 ounces.

All STITCH products, from pullovers to golf bags, are designed to be “effortlessly fashionable.” Burgwyn’s apparel is designed with the knowledge that customers might be going from the office to the golf course to a private jet. The idea is to design a product that will make a customer shine, but with subtlety. STITCH apparel is not flashy, but rather a new take on proven, timeless designs.

“I want people to stand out from the crowd, but also feel comfortable. The more rules you know about fashion, the easier it is to break them, and when you break them, you create trends. With our wearable color palettes of navy and gray, our products are both easy to wear and fashionable, without pretense,” Burgwyn shared.



At STITCH, it all starts with the yarn. Sourced from Australia, high-quality Merino wool is finished into Zegna Baruffa waterproof yarn. A medium to light rain is no problem with this. ZIP SWEATER, which can be worn on the golf course or into a business meeting on 5th Avenue. Available in ground colors like Bisque and Navy, it will blend easily with any outfit. Made of 100% extra-fine Merino wool.


Like the fine patina on a leather steering wheel of an old car, these LEATHER CLUB COVERS tell your personal story. Every cover is hand-sewn, and every detail is edge painted to create an elevated level of detail. And in the spirit of a fine Herm.s equestrian saddle, this cover ages well and likes to be displayed for all to admire. The 100% leather is also water resistant and stain resistant.


This BUOYANT, WATERPROOF, AND LEAKPROOF COOLER can keep beverages ice cold for 72 hours. Made with the same proprietary Touring Fabric as the SL1 Golf Bag, this cooler is built to last. It works especially well as a corporate gift, as STITCH uses ingot technology and a UV printer for high definition printing of company logos or personal initials.


These WATERPROOF PANTS are 93% cotton, 5% tencel, and 2% lyrca with a touch of spandex for maximum comfort and fit. An added storm finish will repel water and mud on the fairway, and coffee or wine at work or at home. You’ll have difficulty finding a better-fitting pair of pants after putting these on.