December 09, 2020

The Art of Caviar

Over the past 100 years, the Petrossian family has mastered the art of caviar and shared it with the world.


In 1920, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian arrived in Paris from Armenia. With them came a wealth of ancestral knowledge in the art of caviar from generations of living along the Caspian Sea. Fueled by their desire to introduce fine caviar into the culinary landscape of Paris, the brothers opened the first Petrossian boutique on Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg – and the city’s love of caviar was ignited.

Today, Petrossian caviar is enjoyed around the world and has remained a family-run business for over three generations. Over time, smoked fish, savory treats and sweet indulgences have joined the Petrossian product line, but caviar, produced just as it was in 1920, remains the company’s namesake.

“At Petrossian, we pride ourselves in our history and all have the passion to back up our products. Our knowledge and craft of fine caviar – and even some family secrets – have been passed down over the years,” explained Windom Paul, Petrossian Communications Manager. “We are the only company that goes out and works directly with our farms all over the world, and the only one to mature our caviar to its peak potential.”

While caviar today is considered a luxury – found in the world’s best restaurants and beyond – historical findings indicate that for much of history, caviar was far more commonplace. When caviar arrived in the United States, it was so common it was served in bars as snacks. By the early 1900s, Canada and the United States were the world’s top suppliers of caviar, and Russian caviar entered the market in the middle of the century. During this height of popularity, sturgeon were almost fished to extinction and today’s sustainable method of sturgeon farming was introduced.


The experts at Petrossian acknowledge even the finest caviar does not exist in a vacuum. It is often enjoyed with numerous accoutrements and works in some delightful (and surprising) pairings.


Passionate about sustainability and the survival of the species, Petrossian sources its caviar from the world’s finest sturgeon farms. From Uruguay to Russia, Petrossian works directly with the farms, providing advice, expertise and maintaining relationships with the local team. Sourcing the product from many destinations around the globe allows Petrossian to consistently have the pick of the best quality based on the season and when the caviar is at its peak.

Petrossian’s process of maturing and grading their caviar has been carefully developed and followed over the years to ensure sublime taste and texture. The Petrossian family still tastes the caviar personally and a Petrossian “Caviarologist” follows the eggs from the moment they are harvested at the farm. The maturing process can take anywhere from four to six months. During that time, the caviar gains texture, which in turn creates a stronger flavor and more potent finish.

After maturation comes the grading process. Petrossian’s five grade levels are Classic, Royal, Tsar Imperial, President or Special Reserve, and all levels are objective. If the selected batch doesn’t meet the stringent standards of one of the grades, it won’t be offered in it.

Petrossian offers a wide range of caviar to suit any palate – the sophisticated, the adventurous, the romantic, the aficionado. The Petrossian team is always delighted to help you find the perfect selection based on your tastes and the occasion, or you can explore their list of most popular offerings.

“Ossetra is by far our most popular, especially in the U.S., as it is the most well-known species,” informed Serguei Aver, Petrossian Boutique General Manager and Project Development Specialist. “In terms of grade, our most popular is Ossetra Special Reserve. It is our longest matured caviar. Ossetra is always a great option for people who have loved caviar for years or those just trying it for the first time.”

Caviar lovers can find Petrossian restaurants and boutiques in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Brussels, or visit the original in Paris.

The Petrossian Boutique and Café in Manhattan, located within steps of Central Park, features a knowledgeable staff and a café where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or a light snack. This location also offers a monthly Caviar Master Class where guests can taste Petrossian’s finest caviar with the perfect champagne pairings.



“We offer a small menu of dishes from around the world that feature our caviar and seafood – all made in an open kitchen,” said Aver. “It’s a perfect venue for an afternoon business lunch complete with an amuse-bouche, main course, dessert and glass of champagne.”

The West Hollywood Restaurant and Boutique offers luxury dine-in or take out – serving up popular items like Caviar Frites, Buckwheat Blinis and Hand Sliced Smoked Salmon. The L.A. location even offers a Caviar 301 class once a month, which gives attendees the chance to taste some of Petrossian’s most expensive caviar accompanied by a seven-course dinner.

Through Elevated Lifestyle, Jet Linx members and aircraft owners receive an exclusive discount on their Petrossian purchases, along with direct access to Aver and his expertise. He is available to personally make suggestions for any occasion –  from business lunches to special events and even a private jet flight.

“To enjoy in-flight, I would recommend 125 or 250 grams of our Tsar Imperial Ossetra, depending on the number of passengers. If it was a special occasion and you wanted something very exceptional, I’d go with the Special Reserve Ossetra,” suggested Aver. “The order would of course include blinis and crème fraiche to enjoy with the caviar. Our famous smoked salmon is always an option as well.”

Aver and the rest of the Petrossian team will ensure any Jet Linx client interested in purchasing caviar or their other luxury products will receive personalized service – just as they do when traveling with Jet Linx. Interested in activating your Elevated Lifestyle benefits? Contact the Elevated Lifestyle Concierge Team to receive your Petrossian special offer.

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