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The 1985 Collection

Jun 24, 2020 | SOAR Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle



Sunglasses aren’t rocket science, unless you’re talking about Revo. Thirty-five years after revolutionizing the eyewear industry, Revo is returning to its roots with the 1985 Collection.

In 1985, Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda was working on a project for NASA when he had a simple idea: what if he used the same coatings that protect satellite porthole windows in space to shield our eyes from the sun on Earth? As a scientist and avid skier, Dr. Ruda’s goal became to protect both astronauts in space and skiers at sky-high altitudes.

Revo sunglasses were born when this revolutionary idea was put into action. The pioneering crystal glass lens was celebrated for its flawless optics and inimitable style. More than three decades later, Revo glasses remain known for unmatched visual acuity, superior contrast, blue light protection, 100% UV protection, and more recently – protection from the glow of digital devices.

After several changes in ownership, Revo was bought by private American investors in 2018. Since then, 80% of the product assortment has been completely revamped, apart from the original Revo lens. In October 2019, the eyewear brand went back to its roots by launching the 1985 Collection, showcasing its ‘Revo Encapsulating Technology’ crystal glass lens. The technology utilizes mirrored and polarized layers between the glass to provide the ultimate sun protection and clarity. With the crystallized glass, the 1985 Collection is a celebration of 35years in the industry; a nod to the original formula that spurred so much success and nurtured a cult following.

“We’re thrilled about the release of the 1985 Collection – it’s an homage to the sunglass that changed the eyewear industry forever when Revo launched in 1985. Glass is back and better than ever,” reported Cliff Robinson, Revo CEO.

The 1985 Collection introduces two new lens colors – Revo Blue and Smoky Green – and features six styles ranging from 80s retro-inspired frames with unique metal detailing to a classic sport wrap. The Revo Blue lens is perfect for environments with very bright light and high glare, whereas the Smoky Green lens can bring out the sepia in a trail, the green of a fairway, or the blues in a stream.


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The unisex frame styles in the 1985 Collection include three fashion-forward designs and three athletic designs. Each features crystal glass technology and come in a variety of color schemes – like gunmetal, satin black, chrome, tortoise, and matte crystal – and arrives in specialized Revo 1985 packaging.

Using its signature and proprietary Light Management System™, Revo produces 100% polarized collections that lead the performance eyewear industry. This system manages the full spectrum of light, including harmful Blue Light and HEV (high-energy visible) Light. As part of the Light Management System, all Revo lenses include an oleophobic coating to repel oil and fingerprints, NASA lens mirror coatings, polarized film, a sun lens, a back-surface protection coating, and authentic hydrophobic coating.

Fair warning – these glasses move fast. The collection debuted in October of 2019 and half has since sold out. The brands devout following quickly gravitated to the 1985 line because of the optic quality provided by the glass lenses.

“The fact that this collection sold so quickly is just a nod to the original product we put out more than three decades ago. It was popular then, and it remains a timeless and enduring eyewear. There’s a good chance that this collection becomes a permanent one,” said Kristin Durante, PR Manager at B Robinson (Revo’s parent company).

According to Revo Head of Product Development Gabor Kereszturi, innovation remains a strong focus as the brand continues to refine its product assortment. “Our leading theme for 2020 is our eco-friendly, handmade acetate collection, but we are also developing a limited edition pair to mark Revo’s 35th anniversary,” he said. “Last year marked a milestone for us at Revo. In our refreshed brand positioning we reached back to our roots, including our NASA technology-based sun lenses and our commitment to ongoing innovation.”

This focus and refinement have yielded soaring results, with year-to-date company performance up 45% since the product overhaul, and sales in travel retail more than doubling. Snag a piece of Revo’s throwback resurgence with the 1985 Collection and Elevated Lifestyle from Jet Linx!