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TD Ameritrade Selects Jet Linx // Client Testimonial

Feb 5, 2020 | Testimonial

It’s no secret that private aviation is good for business. Former TD Ameritrade CFO Bill Gerber notes the ways in which partnering with Jet Linx keeps business executives moving, productive, and positive.



Bill Gerber, Former CFO of TD Ameritrade: If you value the time of your routine, you know that is really the benchmark. That is the thing that drove us to say that we needed to find a partner, and Jet Linx was clearly that partner for us. We feel like they’re taking more care of us than just calling an 800- number and reserving a plane with one of the bigger providers. When you break the cost down to the people that you’re moving across the country, the efficiency with having that done all together, and the work that’s done on the plane that everybody can do together, the cost becomes a completely moot point. I think what people don’t take enough stock in is the fact of how much it’s costing you to have your executives sitting on a commercial airline, not being able to do anything, and when they get home at eleven o’clock at night, they’re exhausted. With Jet Linx, all that stress and strain is removed and that has a cost to it. The cost is not from a dollars and cents aspect necessarily, but certainly from an efficiency aspect. The cost of that stress and lost productivity is removed when you when you have the Jet Linx experience.