November 30, 2021

Sweet Slumber

For the utimate in sleep-supporting performance, you’ll need more than a regular bed – you’ll need a vehicle for wellbeing. The DUX Bed by DUXIANA is about deep sleep.

That’s the only time when your body can repair, rebuild and restore itself. Whether you suffer from back pain or spend restless nights trying to get comfortable, a DUX Bed lets you experience the rest and relief you deserve, because sleep is a necessity – a building block of life.

DUX beds result from 95 years of research and testing. At the core of every DUX mattress is a remarkably- engineered system whose spring components are precisely calibrated and configured to accommodate the size, shape and weight of its user. Every component of a DUX Bed uses long-lasting performance materials, making it the most environmentally responsible choice – and with the OEKO-TEX 100 certification – it guarantees no harmful substances can be found in the materials that users spend one third of their lives on.

DUX technology is based upon an encyclopedic understanding of sleep mechanics. The result is measurable. Sleep studies conducted by the Karolinska Institute of Sweden (the prestigious medical university that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine) proved that DUX users not only fall asleep faster but enjoy an extra hour of deep sleep — the only sleep stage where the body’s immune system and muscle groups heal and repair themselves.

DUX beds have been thoroughly vetted and tested by the scientific community, but more importantly, four generations of customers worldwide. With a 20-year warranty, DUX beds are built to last, not pile up in landfills. This also explains why DUX beds and DUX accessories are found in luxury hotels across the globe – a hallmark of the quality, longevity and effectiveness of DUX’s product.

Jet Linx proudly welcomes DUX to the Elevated Lifestyle (EL) program this holiday season. DUX’s unmatched quality and dedication to customer satisfaction make the perfect complement to the private aviation lifestyle – offering complete comfort when you return home.


Efraim Ljung, founder of DUX, lived and worked in Sweden but traveled often for his business interests. On a trip to Chicago in the 1920s, he stayed at a hotel where he enjoyed the best sleep of his life. Curious, he opened up the mattress to see what was inside. It was then that he began his lifelong journey to create his own innerspring mattress. Since 1926, four generations of the Ljung family of Sweden have aspired to produce the most comfortable and technologically-advanced beds on the market.

However, the most important part of the DUX story – the springs – takes us back to 500 B.C.E. when the Swedish steel industry was born. Incredibly high-quality iron ore occurred naturally in Sweden, and centuries of steel working provided the perfect conditions for the highest quality steel. The Swedish steel industry produces many high-grade steel products, including DUX’s responsive continuous-coil design, which forms the backbone of every DUX Bed.

“Not only do we make our own springs, we make our own spring-making machines,” explained Ed Curry, President at DUX North America. “Others will buy components to make the bed. For us, the springs are the heart and soul. We use a high-quality steel wire, so the diameter is much thinner than ordinary springs. It starts with Swedish steel, which has a reputation for being the best, and we have a proprietary spring design.”

To this day, DUX is still owned and operated by the Ljung family, who make their and the company’s home in Sweden. The Ljung family evolved DUX into an international success, now operating 88 DUXIANA stores in 16 different countries worldwide. The DUX trademark has been rated in the top 100 most-valuable trademarks in Sweden, coming in at number 17. DUX was also the only privately-owned company in the top 50 of that poll.

In the U.S., the history of DUX stretches back to 1977 with the opening of a showroom and offices in New York City. In 1987, DUX introduced the DUXIANA marketing concept in Europe, Great Britain and the U.S. These specialty DUXIANA stores serve as one-stop shopping centers for the bedroom, in addition to the DUX Bed, the highest-quality headboards, linens and down products.

To date, DUX beds are offered in 28 DUXIANA stores in North America, and DUX beds can also be found in more than 150 luxury hotels across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East – a testament to the quality and durability of the mattress.

Unmatched Comfort Through Proper Support

The DUX Bed is designed to provide correct sleep posture, a position where the spine is perpendicular to the hips so the muscles in the lower back can completely and fully relax. The DUX Bed also eases pressure on your back to distribute your weight evenly and maximize circulation. 

Sleeping in a bed that doesn’t contour to and support your spine evenly creates pressure points that result in poor circulation. Starving your body of the appropriate blood and oxygen flow can lead to numbness and tingling, robbing your muscles of the ability to recuperate at night. To provide proper support, DUX relies on ancient technology, not foams or feathers.

With 120 muscles, 100 joints and 220 ligaments and 13.5 million neurons, the human spine is a mechanical marvel, and DUX’s technology, paired with decades of research, provides the proper support. Over one mile of steel wire is used to create the continuous-coil design of a king-size DUX Bed’s spring system, which is composed of up to 4,180 interconnected springs (versus 1,000 springs in a conventional mattress). 

This unique design coupled with the strongest Swedish steel allows us to make one of the smallest, thinnest and most dynamic springs on the market. It’s a traditional way of making a bed, but the Ljung family believe it’s one area where DUXIANA doesn’t need to innovate.


“We are in love with our spring system until we find something else that we believe does the job better,” said DUX’s CEO Henrik Ljung, a member of the fourth generation of his family to run the business. “As a privately-owned company, our only responsibilities are to our customers, to the integrity of our product and to the planet we call home.”

As a result of the spring system, the bed is essentially hollow. The open spaces around the continuous coils allow air flow to be generated by the user’s own movements. The airflow can also produce a level of ventilation necessary to help combat bacteria and fungus.

Instead of relying on exotic materials, the DUX Bed uses only the highest-grade materials, all chosen for their performance characteristics. The bed base is constructed like a piece of furniture, using pine harvested from Northern Sweden, where bitter cold winters produce slow-growth pine that is unmatched in strength. The beds are covered in a high-quality cotton ticking for exceptional comfort. Top pads are made of a natural hevea-latex blend, the best surface that researchers have found to prolong the life of the bed while adding to its supportive qualities. The result is a bed renowned for its quality, comfort and durability.

Customized Comfort

Customization is another reason that The DUX Bed offers a superior sleep experience. The top layer of The DUX Bed with the Pascal® Customizable Support System can be unzipped to reveal six interchangeable spring cassettes – three for each side. The cassettes come in three different tensions: soft, medium and firm. Simply open the top of the bed and arrange the cassettes based on your body size, shape and needs. 

The Pascal® Customizable Support System allows individual support without making a partner compromise their own personal comfort. Named in honor of the famed French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, a “pascal” is an international unit of measure for pressure. In DUX’s case, a measure of the precise pressure required by each spring in DUX’s family of cassettes to support the resting body. 

Another benefit of the Pascal® System is that if your lifestyle changes due to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, or even injury, you simply reconfigure the cassettes to provide the proper support. However, there are many ways to adjust comfort. The legs in a bed can be easily swapped to raise or lower the height of a bed, and they come in different colors and finishes for a style that suits the user. 

On top of being customizable, each component is replaceable, and some even upgradable. Not only can they be swapped out after damage, spills or wear, but a DUX Bed may be improved with the release of new accessories and technological innovations. A customer can order a Dux One with an online Bed Builder tool that allows them to choose everything from the height, material and color of the legs to optional bed skirts and headboards in neutral shades, depending on the look a user is trying to achieve. The top pad is removable for easy cleaning, and all DUX bed components can be traded in and out for a custom, individualized look and feel.

DUX’s combination of high-quality materials, sourced consciously and engineered to be replaceable, means that the company’s environmental impact remains low. DUX remains a proud recipient of the OEKO-TEX 100 Certificate, which is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products. In the DUX Bed you can be sure you are sleeping on a bed that meets strict human-ecological requirements of being completely free of any unhealthy or harmful chemicals. 

The only thing better than a DUX Bed is a DUX Bed outfitted with DUX accessories such as high-quality down, fine European linens, down pillows, duvet covers and more. While DUXIANA accessories can only be purchased in showrooms, DUX provides custom linen services through partnerships with the best linen mills in Europe. This full line of bespoke linens are all made to order per a customer’s exact specifications. 

With a DUX Bed and DUX accessories, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re resting on the finest, safest, and most eco-friendly materials available. The capability to swap components with ease makes the bed not only customizable and easier to maintain, but also better for the environment. Simply put, the longer a bed lasts, the fewer end up in landfills. 

Because they’re made with high-end materials and built to last decades, DUX beds can be found in luxury hotels across the globe. The renewable design means that a DUX Bed may be the last that a consumer ever owns – something that individuals, hoteliers and environmentalists can all appreciate.

We have hotels that have had this bed for 15 years and are just starting to replace the top pad. This is a small cost compared to purchasing an entirely new bed,” Curry said. “I find that even though our bed will last longer, most hoteliers are worried about the comfort and guest experience, which is why they choose DUX. It’s the most comfortable bed in the world. In the U.S., we’ve sold 100,000 DUX beds and have a large following of owners who stay at hotels with DUX beds, which can be a selling point for hotels.” 

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