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Jet Linx is setting the Customer Service Standard in Private Aviation


In September of 2019, Jet Linx and Forbes Travel Guide (FTG) announced a groundbreaking partnership. FTG is the world-renowned independent global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. Forbes offers support services for industries that prioritize service excellence, but until late last year, the proprietary training was not offered in the private aviation industry.

The strategic alliance between Jet Linx and FTG was hailed as a gamechanger for the private aviation industry, setting a new precedent for service in private aviation. The training has enabled Jet Linx to establish and implement FTG standards of luxury service excellence. Jet Linx has also collaborated with FTG to create customized standards of service excellence specific to private aviation.

Prior to the arrangement with FTG, Jet Linx was already an industry-leader in terms of customer-centric service culture. With the announcement in September, a path to even greater success was laid out, promoting service excellence on a holistic level.

“Our industry has extensive regulatory and operational standards for companies to comply with, but it has never set a customer service standard — until now. Our partnership with Forbes Travel Guide will transform the private jet travel industry and set an unrivaled standard of service excellence for our clients,” said Jamie Walker, President and CEO of Jet Linx Aviation.

Ushering in an Era of Five-Star Flight


The first phase of the partnership included the assessment and training of all client-facing Jet Linx personnel, including local Flight Concierge teams. Following training at each of the 19 Base locations, representatives from FTG traveled to the Jet Linx National Operations Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Each member of the NOC team received similar training, including exercises such as roleplays and in-depth examinations of behavior and language. Jet Linx flight crews received the last round of training to ensure that Five-Star standards were maintained not only on the ground, but in the air. Going forward, all new Jet Linx pilots will receive their luxury service training during their first week of onboarding at the National Operations Center.


jet linx new york base terminal lounge area with jet on runway

Our 19 Base locations nationwide offer service at a personal level, now backed by Forbes Five-Star standards.


One visible result of FTG training is a new title for the Flight Concierge team, previously known as Client Services Specialists. The title of Flight Concierge offers a more accurate reflection of the level of service that Jet Linx offers to Jet Card members and aircraft owners. The Flight Concierge team has also made enhancements to the way that they approach and engage external parties, as well as how they manage and nurture relationships.

“The FTG training impacted our department significantly. Immediate differences are the way that we communicate with clients, both in person and online,” explained Missy Kemp, Director of Flight Concierge. “We’ve polished our verbiage and are trained on the appropriate actions to take in certain situations. Our teams responded well to these new standards, and I see them actively employing the new standards.”

Elevating the Local Base Model


“Consistency isn’t necessarily an FTG standard, but we know it’s important to our brand and the experience of our clients. You’ll see more uniformity and consistency at Bases. This will elevate the lobby experience. We’re standardizing food offerings, beverages, and amenities at each Jet Linx location,” Kemp elaborated. She also explained that while consistency is important across the board, each Base would still retain its unique feel.

Clients may notice that Base uniforms will be consistent across the country. Flight Concierge and maintenance teams are all adopting similar attire. Jet Card members and aircraft owners will also find the same luxury food and beverage options in Jet Linx private terminals. Personal preference and customization remains an integral part of the Jet Linx Five-Star service model.


jet linx indianapolis team members posing in front of jet on runway

All members of the Jet Linx team receive five-star service training from Forbes – ensuring consistency in luxury service across all levels of the company.

Keeping Up with Five-Star Standards


For 2020, the Flight Concierge team are maintaining focus on three areas of service improvement: ownership, plus-one service (going beyond what is expected), and polishing communications. Kemp realizes that changing habits takes time, so discipline in adherence to FTG standards was stressed in the early stages.

In the future, representatives from FTG will audit each Base location, including the National Operations Center. The auditing team will arrive unannounced to monitor progress in adopting the standards. The audits will inspect the cleanliness and upkeep of facilities but will also include a review of internal and external communications. Representatives from FTG will also interact with team members over the course of an audit to evaluate communication and client interaction.

“Our new standards allow us to level up from what was already a very high standard. What’s better is that these behaviors and attitudes translate easily to our personal lives, and they’re just as valuable there. The FTG training is a huge boost to our organizational effort to be the best private aviation operator in terms of quality, service, and attention to detail,” Kemp beamed.

Across the country, from top to bottom, the Jet Linx team has adopted the new standards with enthusiasm. “This partnership is sure to bolster our standing as the leading provider of secure, private, and luxury aviation services. The best part is that this is just the beginning. The training is ongoing, meaning that our customer service will continue to evolve and elevate,” Walker concluded.

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