June 06, 2023

Say Yes to Adventure: Iceland

Jet Linx and Elevated Lifestyle partner Huffman Travel can design adventure travel itineraries to suit both the fearless flyer and those just getting their feet wet for the first time.

Looking for something different than the standard luxuries of a Five-Star hotel? Vacation time can be precious, and the option to experience the unforgettable can be hard to pass up. Adventure travel provides all the hallmarks of a great escape: unforgettable memories, thrills, great cuisine, and time well-spent with those who matter most. But it does so in unexpected ways in amazing locales.

To aid in the quest for unforgettable adventure travel, Jet Linx connects our clients to Elevated Lifestyle program partner Huffman Travel and their global team of esteemed Luxury Travel Advisors. Our curated list of adventure destinations will get your blood pumping, but are not yet daring enough that special training or endless stamina is needed to enjoy your trip. Knowledgeable guides and pampering on-site service provide a mixture of bold but blissful opportunities – such as a frosty escape to Iceland for heliskiing.

Deplar Farm


The awe-inspiring landscape, once home to a group of hardy Icelandic sheep, makes the perfect setting for guests to pull up their boots and pick their own adventure, whether that be skiing on ice-sloped mountains, trekking between fjords, horseback riding or whatever custom experience a guest can conjure up.

Deplar Farm is no ordinary farm. It’s a one-stop shop for adventure, mystery, solitude (max capacity of 26 people) and high-end amenities. Here, an international group of highly-trained outdoor adventure specialists make it their mission to assess your goals and comfort levels to customize a ‘best-day-ever experience.’ Adventure begins in the gear room, stocked with all manner of sporting equipment from snowshoes to surfboards. All guest stays include two guide-led activities per day, which includes skiing, snowmobiling, fat biking, hiking, horseback riding, whale watching, kayaking, hot spring tours, surfing, white-water rafting, dog sledding, archery and more – all depending on the season.

However, the heli-skiing experience is unlike any other. With two helipads, guests can follow the snow when conditions are most perfect. Skiing from summit to sea is possible, with expert, professional ski guides to ensure safety and enjoyment as hard chargers and smooth cruisers claim fresh powder across 1,500 square miles of open bowls and steep couloirs.

Northern Lights

After your best-day-ever, a turf-topped farmhouse with 13 stately ensuite bedrooms offers stealth-luxury, panoramic views and come appointed with a distinctly-textured, Icelandic-rustic design. Each suite has its own very Icelandic-sounding name (Ódinn, Freyja, Flóki, etc.) and comes with access to the on-site geothermal, indoor/outdoor heated pool, sauna and steam room, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, gym, exclusive bar and lounge, with all meals included. The premium spa facility offers three treatment rooms and two floatation tanks – making for an otherworldly experience.

“There is no greater reward than being active all day, breathing the Icelandic fresh air, and retreating back to the comfort of your lodge. I can still close my eyes and see myself gazing at the Milky Way and Northern Lights from the heated pool – yes, with a swim-up bar and sheep roaming around freely,” said Geoffrey Ravoire, Luxury Travel Advisor at Huffman Travel.

Ingredients for Deplar’s farm-to-table fare are provided by local fishermen, farmers and brewers, and include mountain lamb and salmon or char caught in the nearby stream. The chef, Iceland’s 2018 Chef of the Year, Garðar Garðarsson, prepares customized, traditional Icelandic meals with modern techniques for all guests.

At Deplar Farm, Iceland’s unique geological environment creates a stunning experience in itself. Everywhere a guest looks, beauty dwells. With close proximity to the Arctic Circle, lucky guests can view the eerie purple and green mirage of the Northern Lights from October to April, and longer days mean more time for guide-led adventures.

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