June 01, 2023

Say Yes to Adventure: Antarctica

Jet Linx and Elevated Lifestyle partner Huffman Travel can design adventure travel itineraries to suit both the fearless flyer and those just getting their feet wet for the first time.

Looking for something different than the standard luxuries of a Five-Star hotel? Vacation time can be precious, and the option to experience the unforgettable can be hard to pass up. Adventure travel provides all the hallmarks of a great escape: unforgettable memories, thrills, great cuisine, and time well-spent with those who matter most. But it does so in unexpected ways in amazing locales.

To aid in the quest for unforgettable adventure travel, Jet Linx connects our clients to Elevated Lifestyle program partner Huffman Travel and their global team of esteemed Luxury Travel Advisors. Our curated list of adventure destinations will get your blood pumping, but are not yet daring enough that special training or endless stamina is needed to enjoy your trip. Knowledgeable guides and pampering on-site service provide a mixture of bold but blissful opportunities – such as a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Antarctica.


The South Pole

Founded in 2005, White Desert caters to curious travelers and provides experiences that will last a lifetime. Guests can stay at one of three camps at White Desert, while experiencing nature’s rarest sights. Each camp offers unique experiences; Whichaway leans in to the luxurious with a maximum of 12 guests; the aptly-named Wolf’s Fang sits in the mountains and brims with opportunity for adrenaline junkies like Bear Grylls; and space-age-inspired Echo Camp uses Sky Pods for a retro-futuristic, boutique experience.

Every single nut, bolt, screw, glass and fork has to be painstakingly transported to Antarctica and back again at the end of every season. All three camps are completely temporary, built with no foundations or cement – leaving no trace on Earth’s most pristine and shockingly remote continent. The innovative eco-operation must constantly battle the most hostile conditions on the planet to provide their signature level of service and accommodation.

White Desert is the first company in the world to fly lucky guests to Antarctica aboard a Gulfstream G550. Building Wolf’s Fang Runway out of blue ice took years of research and hard work, especially as White Desert stands out as the only aviation operator in Antarctica (including government programs) to be entirely carbon neutral throughout their supply chain, from flights to camp emissions.

Echo Camp

The Early Emperors adventure offers five nights in one of nature’s rarest sites, an immense colony of 28,000 Emperor Penguins including chicks stepping away from their parent’s feet for the first time. Twelve lucky guests arrive via private aircraft for a stay at Echo, nestled on a magnificent glacier surrounded by emblematic Antarctic mountain ranges. Guests travel in complete comfort aboard a Gulfstream G550 (or Airbus) across the Southern Ocean for five hours, eventually touching down at Wolf’s Fang Runway. Setting foot off the plane, guests will be met with ancient blue ice overlooking the iconic Wolf’s Fang mountains. Named by the earliest Norwegian explorers, these monoliths with their steep, vertical rise from a glacier evoke the true power of the polar landscape.

“The moment you touch down on the blue ice runway at Wolf’s Fang landing, something changes in you. Stepping off the private plane into this vast remote land of snow and ice, where few have ever been, makes your heart flutter with the anticipation of what is to come. The joy of experiencing this beautiful and remote seventh continent was a privilege beyond words and something I won’t ever forget,” said Sandi Todorovich, Luxury Travel Advisor at Huffman Travel.

Six ultramodern and well-appointed ‘sky pods’ crafted from fiberglass will have you thinking you’re on planet Hoth inside of the Millennium Falcon, not Earth. The space-age-inspired bedrooms feature extensive window paneling, a lounge area and adjoining bathroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows let guests absorb the dramatic lunar landscape while enjoying award-winning South African wines or hot cocoa.

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