Congratulations to pilots David Hanner & Tess Mast of Jet Linx Indianapolis, our 2017 Supply the High Grand Prize winners!


The Jet Linx Supply the High recognition program exists to celebrate members of our team for their efforts to not only live our core values, but to go above and beyond in their service to our fellow team members, clients, and partners.

Last year, team members recognized one another with nearly 200 nominations for outstanding examples of selflessness, enthusiasm, compassion, integrity and dedication. From those stories, five finalists were selected and an impartial third party was tasked with the difficult work of selecting our 2017 Grand Prize winner. This year, that story took the form of winners, with an incredible story of selflessness following the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Cara Ratay, Client Services Specialist for Jet Linx Indianapolis, submitted the nomination for Mast and Hanner. “An aircraft owner asked [Mast and Hanner] to fly into Puerto Rico post-hurricane Maria and get family members out over three days and two different trips,” she wrote. “Our pilots took it upon themselves to purchase some humanitarian supplies, including water and Gatorade, using their own money, and brought them into Puerto Rico. They showed compassion and selflessness not just to our Jet Linx owners, but also to strangers in need.”

Mast and Hanner embraced the challenge of flying into a country so recently ravaged by a severe storm. “Going into Puerto Rico just one week after it was hit by Hurricane Maria presented numerous challenges, beginning with the flight planning,” noted Hanner. “Because of the widespread nature of the storm, most radar facilities were inoperable throughout the islands, which required specialized routing, holding, and flying the last several hundred miles at VFR altitudes. We spent hours planning our flight trying to come up with every contingency, and both flights went smoothly.”

The idea to use their return trip to the island as a means to deliver aid was one inspired by the actions of the aircraft owners they flew, coupled with the reality they saw upon arrival. “Our first trip into Puerto Rico was with the owner of the aircraft, several employees, and lots of supplies,” Mast explained. “I suppose the idea came to us primarily from the owners actions and from the need we saw on the ground.” Hanner noted he and Mast felt the joy of helping others in their shopping trip. “In all honesty, Tess and I had a great time and a lot of laughs going to the store the night before our return trip, and loading our grocery carts with supplies. I’m still not sure how we fit it all in that poor rental car!”

“There is much to take for granted for those of us living in a country where disaster relief is on all sides of you, in any region,” Mast reflected. “Being an island, Puerto Rico wasn’t afforded that convenience, and the logistics to send relief were complex. Any little bit on our part would’ve meant so much to whoever received our supplies.” Once they unloaded in Puerto Rico, Hanner and Mast felt the full impact of their flight and donations. “It was an amazing experience to feel like we were helping, if even a little bit,” Hanner reflected. “There were lots of smiles, handshakes and a few hugs before we left Puerto Rico.”

The Jet Linx core values indicate a shared culture and commitment to service that stretches far beyond any single act. Our 2017 Grand Prize winners show these values on a day-to-day basis. Nominator Ratay noted, “Both Tess and David exude courtesy and professionalism with clients on every trip. But what we see behind the scenes at our Base is genuine caring for others to make our workplace a more safe and pleasant place to be, while giving 100% to their profession. When you work with people like that, we all win!”

The Jet Linx business model is one founded on the very values exhibited by Mast and Hanner, and one sustained by a team that – no matter the role or location – takes pride in living our culture. “What continues to make Jet Linx stand out is the quality of our people, and their commitment to our Supply the High culture and core values,” affirmed Jamie Walker, Jet Linx Aviation President & CEO. “We take pride in the fact that it is the members of our team that provide a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.”

“Being new to Jet Linx, I was not sure what to expect from the people and the culture,” noted newly installed Culture, Leadership and Learning Officer Tim McMahon. “Having witnessed the culture in action, I am really impressed with the genuine and committed attitude of the Jet Linx family. From both the National Operations Center and Base teams I have had the good fortune of meeting, I see unlimited upside for our clients and colleagues. I was delighted to present Tess and David with our Grand Prize for 2017, and look forward to honoring our team throughout 2018.”

“I thoroughly enjoy working for a company that strives for a culture that is truly service driven,” said Hanner. Approaching his third year with Jet Linx, he noted the presence of Jet Linx core values at every level of the operation. “At its most basic level, its delivering passengers safely and comfortably to their destination in a timely manner. But it’s the personalized touch that sets us apart. It’s congratulating a client after they’ve signed a large contract, asking about something that’s important in their lives, like the birth of a grandchild, or offering condolences when they’re experiencing difficulties or loss.”

Mast noted the drive for improvement derived from the strong Jet Linx company culture. “Whether it’s a pilot, Client Services Specialist, or a member of our Flight Coordination team, someone is always double checking at various points in the process how things are going, and if there’s anything that can be done better. There are so many people with various job roles following through with each other to affect the best outcome.”

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