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RESET Telluride is a breakthrough wellness experience that delivers lasting transformation with daily treks, holistic therapies, and clean eating. Set at elevation amidst the highest concentration of 13,000-foot and 14,000-foot peaks of the San Juan Mountains, RESET offers an ultra-private and luxurious wellness experience in the greatest of outdoor settings.

The RESET experience is a six-night, six-day retreat, with three personalized pathways that empower every guest to challenge and indulge in equal measure. Only 18 guests are welcomed each week, ensuring high-touch service and attention to detail. Through an unmatched setting, boundless hospitality and personalized programming, RESET promises a program that is beyond comparison.

This exclusive retreat was co-founded by Dylan Bates and Holli Owen. Cofounder Bates is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with more than 20 years of experience leading a multi-site healthcare company, beginning with a single clinic and expanding to 1,000 locations across 35 states. After a lifetime of intense work and persistent travel, Bates knows the lasting benefits that wellness retreats can offer to guests like himself – he has also been a guest at wellness centers across the country.

Owen is an event planner and luxury wellness expert who previously worked at Telluride Ski and Golf Resort for a decade, planning events and experiences for the top 1% guests. Owen brings more than two decades of experience in mindful hospitality and responsible recreation, but also earned a Level 1 Sommelier certification in 2007 and holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University’s online program. A resident of Telluride for the last 20 years, she is also an avid Alpine skier, mountain runner, climber and yogi.

“Dylan knows how it feels to be over-stimulated and spread too thin. In our quest to create RESET, we both stayed at wellness retreats to help us find what we wanted to offer our guests. With RESET, we provide an intentional experience, giving our guests the time, space, and path to reset and elevate their lives, for good,” Owen said.

At the heart of this breakthrough experience, guests hike their way to happiness in the awe-inspiring outdoors through daily, half-day treks with professionally-trained and certified mountain guides. Daily trekking immerses guests in wilderness settings while elevation gain can range from 580 to 3,700 feet. RESET holds permits to 15 major trail systems within the Northern San Juan Mountains, equating to hundreds of miles of varied scenic terrain for trekking.

“Moving your body at altitude improves your breathing, increases your power, and helps your muscles push past the burn to peak performance. To aid in recovery, we offer oxygen enhancements in-room and in the meditation studio, which increase the oxygen content by 33%, reducing effective altitude by 8,000 feet. The oxygen in-room enhancements have guests sleeping in an environment of 2,000 feet versus the 10,000 feet where the Mountain Village rests. Sleeping at a lower elevation increases recovery and improves sleep dramatically,” Owen said.

To fully prepare Jet Linx clients for their all-inclusive wellness experience, RESET will offer one free Acclimation night as a part of the Elevated Lifestyle program, allowing altitude adjustment before a memorable journey.

“An important aspect of the entire RESET experience comes from our dedication to high-touch service, always aiming to surprise and delight. We use a very personalized intake process to curate every experience,” Owen said.

To ensure each guest gets what they want out of the experience, RESET’s Program Director works with individuals to form a holistic picture of their health and wellness background and learn more about their goals for a stay. After submitting information and conversing with the Program Director ahead of a stay, the RESET team formulates a personalized plan to best support a guest’s experience.

Another central element of the RESET experience stems from the all-inclusive culinary program, hand-crafted with all local, organic ingredients. Plant-powered dishes ensure vital nutrition is delivered via consistently satisfying dishes. The unique plant-powered menu seeks to concentrate the power of a plant-based diet to nourish your whole body for lower blood pressure, less inflammation, improved digestive health and enhanced vitality.

All guests’ meals are served at the hospitality lounge, an exclusive 2,500-square-foot space with a communal dining area, oxygen treatment rooms and a beautiful patio overlooking the Wilson Range for unforgettable al fresco dining at a 20-seat, red oak table. While three plant-based meals are offered daily, there are also organic snacks, elixirs, mocktails and grab-and-go items available for guests any time they feel in need of a nutrient boost. The chef-driven menu features inventive dishes such as flourless orange breakfast muffins, turmeric and curry-spiced loaded sweet potato, falafel avocado toast, cauliflower steak en croute, summer risotto and rustic vegetable pizza.

As guests enjoy natural beauty, restorative activities and wholesome food, RESET works diligently to partner only with businesses that follow a strict set of environmental standards including responsible sourcing, zero single-use plastics, sustainable practices and charitable initiatives. As part of RESET’s commitment to philanthropic outreach, a standing contribution is made to 1% For The Planet, a global movement supporting environmental nonprofits.

“We believe in the power of the natural world, and part of our mission includes protecting and preserving wild spaces where our guests can transform their minds and bodies. All partners at RESET are evaluated carefully to ensure that our principles align,” Owen said.

Jet Linx clients seeking a breakthrough wellness experience should look no further than RESET Telluride. From takeoff to the conclusion of your curated mountain experience, Jet Linx clients receive wraparound Five-Star service. Contact your EL Concierge team today to activate your benefits and plan your RESET.


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