November 27, 2013

Ready to Make the Move to Aircraft Ownership?

If you’re looking to purchase a private jet, look no further. The Jet Linx purchase and sales team is comprised of experienced private jet sales specialists and brokers who are able to answer any questions regarding the purchase process and aircraft for sale in the marketplace.

Our private jet purchase and sales team will make sure all of the important questions regarding aircraft ownership are answered. Our goal is to ensure your aircraft purchase meets your needs, today and in the future.

To make the right purchase, it is important to understand that a private jet is an asset you want to purchase and put to work for you. Our mission is to provide you with the information required to make the most informed buying decision.

Jet Linx keeps tabs on all jets for sale in the marketplace, initial offer prices, time on the market, actual sale prices, discounts offered, terms of negotiation, payment arrangements, financing, pre-purchase inspection requirements, FAA regulatory requirements and other purchase and sales transaction details. We also engage leading attorneys who have the most comprehensive aircraft legal transaction experience and expertise in order to protect you as private jet buyer.

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• Will a Light, Midsize, Super Midsize or Heavy Jet best meet your needs?
• Do you purchase a new or a pre-owned private jet?
• What are the fixed expenses that come with private jet ownership?
• What are reasonable expectations for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance expenses?
• What are the tax benefits available to you or your company?
• Will you charter your private jet to create revenue and offset expenses?

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