October 24, 2019

Ready for the Runway

As Jet Linx Austin aims to make an impression in the Longhorn state, it made perfect sense to share a runway with Nordstrom to host a relaxed but refined fashion show. “My wife worked at Nordstrom for many years, and so we had some good pre-existing relationships. But the more and more we talked about it, the more sense it made for us to align – we both cater to customers that demand great products and even better service,” shared Jason Brewer, Director of Jet Card Sales for Jet Linx Austin.

On July 18, more than 70 guests enjoyed an invite-only event at Nordstrom’s Barton Creek location in Austin. Nordstrom cleared out a full section of the store to turn it into a runway for a jet-setting fashion show. The guest list included Jet Linx Jet Card members and aircraft owners, Nordstrom’s top design clients, Austin influencers, and even an Olympic gold medalist! The evening on the runway was complemented by hors d’oeuvres and champagne, and all the guests received Nordstrom gift bags with specialized items for men and women.

“The people at Nordstrom made it very easy for us, ensuring the event ran smoothly and handling all of the logistics,” Brewer added. “They were clearly the fashion experts in the room! We are already discussing how we might host seasonal events to expand on this first success.”

Julie Principato, General Manager of the Nordstrom Barton Creek in Austin, explained that the event was perfect for bringing likeminded clientele together. Principato was responsible for bringing the models and hosts together for the fashion show. “We brought in a lot of local influencers and our hosts and models are well-connected within our community,” she explained. “Like Jet Linx, we are actively involved in the community and events like this are perfect ways to gain exposure and further our involvement.”

However, the similarities go beyond involvement in the community – like Jet Linx, the Nordstrom team sees the significance of service. “If we don’t give our customers an A+ experience, they’re not going to come back into our stores. We realize that you can shop from the sofa these days, and that’s why we emphasize service over everything else,” Principato emphasized. “It’s great to have found a company like Jet Linx with a similar depth and understanding of the value of customer service.”

“There’s a comfort level that a person has when they step into a Nordstrom store,” reflected Jet Linx Austin General Manager Lee Lancaster. “If you need a new suit, they’ll find what looks great on you. If you need a makeover, they have staff trained to accomplish that. Instead of pointing you toward what you need, they walk with you and show you what they have available,” said Lancaster.

“Our customers have that same comfortability with Jet Linx. Whatever they need to make their trip work, they know we can be depended upon to deliver and exceed expectations.”

“The whole partnership with Nordstrom feels very organic,” commented Katie Burns, Jet Linx Austin Director of Jet Card Sales. “As organizations we are both dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our customers. Everyone knows that Nordstrom is synonymous with service, so aligning with their brand just makes sense. The turnout at our fashion show was almost double what we anticipated. The event far exceeded our expectations. Best of all, people mingled and really enjoyed themselves.”

Before the show, event guests sipped on luxury champagnes like Veuve Clicquot and sampled tomato tapenade, cilantro pesto, blue cheese stuffed mushrooms, and other delicate hors d’oeuvres. After the brief social hour, guests were seated and received gift bags brimming with sample perfumes and colognes, as well as other high-end Nordstrom beauty products.

The apparel displayed at the fashion show was inspired by private jet travel, focusing on the trendiest travel destinations of 2019. Designers at Nordstrom created five distinct outfits that were tailored for the airport, a mountain getaway, a beach trip, a European vacation, and a night out. Five models were on hand in order to help showcase the outfits, including Ricky Berens, a former U.S. Olympic swimmer and two-time gold medalist who still holds the world record for the 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

The hosts selected for the fashion show were both well-known Austinites. Erica Brennes, a former TV news anchor and on-camera spokesperson, is a current Austin influencer with a popular blog called Real Mom, Real Tired. With her strong following in Austin, she was helpful in gathering models for the fashion show. Matt Swinney, who is often credited with blowing up Austin’s fashion scene as the founder of Austin Fashion Week, also hosted the event. Swinney now focuses on helping other cities around the country create and promote fashion weeks and is also the CEO of a nonprofit organization called Fashion for Good, which focuses on improving the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. The two hosts injected energy and enthusiasm into the evening through their commentary and fashion overviews.

Alexis Adams, a local content creator in Austin and acquaintance of Brennes, found herself on the runway for the first time. “It was actually my first-time modeling at an event, but it was such a blast. The evening was chic, intimate, high-energy, and totally in line with what you’d expect from Nordstrom and Jet Linx.”

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