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Putting the Private Back in Private Aviation

Mar 26, 2019 | Private Jet Travel

Most private jet companies advertise white glove, concierge service to their members. And while many other companies do offer a high level of customer service, Jet Linx consistently goes above and beyond the standard in ways no other company in the industry can match.

Most national private jet companies have a large center of operations, but unlike Jet Linx, they do not have local teams operating around the country. These larger operations can certainly take you where you need to go, but their service can feel disembodied and lacking in authenticity and personality.

Brad Drew, Senior Vice President of Sales at Jet Linx Aviation, remarked, “Other providers do an excellent job of taking care of clients and making them comfortable and informed about their flight. In the Jet Linx model, we provide a unique experience because our clients virtually always depart from their home Base, which is also our local Jet Linx terminal. The client has the opportunity to know the whole team by their name, whether it be the Base President, Client Service team, local Pilots, maintenance team, or the sales team – and even more importantly, the whole team knows the client by name as well.”

It’s not uncommon for Jet Linx clients to return to their private terminal to find that their cars have been washed while they were in the air. These are the sorts of efforts not seen by third-party charter operator – they are efforts built on the power of personal relationships, and not seen from providers that may or may not fly someone again.

At many Jet Linx terminals, such as Scottsdale, clients are able to drive their car right up to the jet they’re flying in. Shooter Smith, General Manager at Jet Linx Scottsdale, noted, “Our FBO is unique in that we are located off the main runway. Since a vast majority of our members park planeside, we bring the FBO to them by pulling a fully-stocked snack cart next to the plane. The cart features magazines, drinks, snacks, and more. And we make sure the items we bring are those we know the particular client prefers.”

The VIP service doesn’t stop planeside. “While members are away, their vehicles are stored in our hangar, where they are cleaned and washed. Parking vehicles in the hangar allows us to have more security and proper climate control,” Smith said. Luxury vehicles are carefully looked after and made clean and comfortable for the clients return home. This is the benefit of knowing, trusting, and depending on your local Jet Linx team.

There’s nothing private or personal about flying on different planes with different pilots and crews, which is what you get with charter or fractional programs. Missy Kemp, Director of Client Services for Jet Linx, knows the importance of developing rapport with a local team. “Each interaction is with a team that you know and trust. Not only are you talking to someone from your local community, they are there to personally send you off and greet you when you return.”

One of the greatest benefits of flying with Jet Linx is that our terminals are private, secure, and designed to fit the specific needs of our clients. They all have Wifi connectivity, private meeting rooms, and lounges stocked with all of the snacks and beverages that we know our clients will enjoy. We keep note of whatever it is that our clients like, and we make sure to have it available whenever they fly with us. Think of bespoke send off celebrations for special flights, or a place t regroup with your business team before departing for a big meeting.

Ashley Allisma, General Manager of Jet Linx Omaha, always keeps note of what her clientele enjoy. “We have a lot of groups frequently flying out for sporting events, birthdays, bachelorette parties, etc. – and our team LOVES to put together a party in the lobby any time that they can! This typically includes a mimosa bar, bloody Mary bar, sweets and treats, decorations, and more. Anything we can do to make the experience more personalized and enjoyable is our mission.”

Allisma added that the private terminal allows for a much more personal experience. “The setup at Jet Linx Omaha is very unique, much more private than what you would find in a typical FBO. Our clients pull right into our valet area, which is just a few quick steps away from our lobby where they are greeted by their local Client Service Specialists who know them by their first name, ask about their family, or recent trips they have taken.” 

Another notable difference is that none of the 100+ planes in the Jet Linx fleet are branded, and this is a purposeful decision meant to benefit our clients. The commercial messaging of aircraft branding contrasts with our goal of protecting the privacy of our clients. The benefits to our clients outweigh the benefits to our brand, and we always choose what is best for those that fly with us!

When it comes to private aviation, the possibilities are endless when you partner with Jet Linx. Contact your nearest private terminal and get in touch with a Jet Card sales representative today!