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Chablé Yucatan

Yucatán, Mexico


Chablé Yucatán offers a restored 19th-century estate amid 750 acres of Yucatán jungle, but was restored in 2016 and offers all the modern comforts found at luxury hotels. Wellness seekers will find pre-Hispanic style saunas, meditation lawns and spa-like cenote pools. All casitas are standalone with personal pools, hammocks and verandas. This isolated retreat serves as a perfect place from which to explore Uxmal, a true wonder of the world.

Because of the location deep in the jungle, most guests spend a decent portion of time in the spa, which offers signature treatments and unique Mayan therapies. Those who wander away from the hotel are likely taking in Uxmal, but can return to dine at three different restaurants onsite vary from light and inventive to classic Mexican cuisine at the poolside restaurant. It’s worth noting that the hotel contains the world’s largest private collection of tequila with some bottles more than 100 years old – a reward for guests that find their way to this steamy jungle retreat.

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