With 2017 swiftly coming to a close, aircraft owners now have fewer than thirty months to meet ADS-B compliance before the 2020 mandate.


The Jet Linx teams at our local Bases and National Operations Center have been working closely with the experts at Duncan Aviation to keep our aircraft owners informed of the status of current of ADS-B installations, and to help them plan for their modifications process. However, even with the number of aircraft that have gone through the process already, it is estimated that every aircraft still needing to meet ADS-B compliance may not meet the 2020 deadline.

“Currently, 68% of business jets and 83% of turboprops still need to be completed, with fewer than 30 months to the deadline,” explained Nathan Klenke, Duncan Aviation Sales Manager of Modifications. “Duncan has already started to see the impact of limited availability of hangar space, labor and parts needed.”

Klenke also pointed out that the longer an aircraft owner waits to start their path to ADS-B compliance, the more expensive it will become to acquire the necessary parts. “We have received notifications from several equipment vendors that lead times for both new and modified parts are extending significantly. The pricing of parts will be increasing by as much as 10-15% annually over the next couple of years as well.” Judging by the status of installations now, there are no signs that ADS-B solutions will get cheaper as the deadline nears.

Aircraft owners will also begin to face longer installation times, which means losing more revenue on any aircraft that is normally in the air on a daily basis. “Typical installations are scheduled for 10 to 15 calendar days but depending on the equipment status of the aircraft installation, schedules will vary,” said Klenke.

The impact of ADS-B on the aircraft marketplace is growing as well, which means aircraft that don’t meet compliance won’t sell or will be significantly reduced in value. Due to this trend, Klenke advises aircraft owners to not make plans based on cost or whether they plan to still have their aircraft in 2020.

“Be diligent in your research about which solution is best for your operation and future plans for the aircraft. Too often we hear decisions being made based on the cost of the installation. This may be a very responsible short-term decision rationale but in the long run, this may limit the operational capabilities of the aircraft and diminish the market value.”

As the impacts of limited hangar availability, labor and parts continues to increase, the advice from the expert at Duncan Aviation and Jet Linx remains the same. “Very simply put; Whether you plan on completing the install with a scheduled maintenance event or have it completed by a local shop in your hangar, make your plans now to secure parts, labor and hangar space,” said Klenke.

“There are no signs that there will be an extension from the FAA. If you aren’t compliant by January 1, 2020, your aircraft will be grounded. We don’t want to have any of our aircraft owners find themselves in that position, so we are working diligently to ensure its taken care of. Our local maintenance teams can help you get a plan put together and answer any questions you have. All the steps don’t need to be taken at once, but get a plan ready and reserve your spot now,” advised Jet Linx Vice President of Sales Ray Bennett.

“For our current aircraft owners, contact your local maintenance teams with any questions you have regarding your aircraft and meeting ADS-B compliance. Our teams have already prepared a quote for your ADS-B installation process, which can be viewed on the Jet Linx owner portal under your maintenance projections at any time.”

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