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PerUs | Making Memories with Exquisite Wine

Mar 4, 2020 | SOAR Magazine, Elevated Lifestyle

Memories from grape, to bottle, to table with PerUs wines.


Wine – at its most humble and honest roots – is a vessel for sharing passion and curating memories with friends and family. That is the ethos of PerUs and its founder, Anmol Bhandari.

The goal is to provide something that will live in perpetuity, a product that will be talked about. Even as PerUs finds itself in the thick of Napa Valley, they don’t feel the heat of competition. They move forward with integrity, work together like a family, and invite others to join them. The small-scale wines that PerUs offers don’t feel like they’re made for broad consumption – and that’s because they aren’t. The wine is produced solely for the PerUs family and the members of its exclusive wine club.

“We wanted to create a wine together that would create memories while bringing people together,” said Katya Kurtbek, PerUs Director of Sales and Marketing. “You’ll notice that all of our wines are named after our team members or our loved ones. It’s all about family here at PerUs,” Kurtbek added.


PerUs wine being poured into empty wine glasses at a table set for a meal

PerUs wines are created to create memories and bring people together.

Creating World-Class Vintages


PerUs boasts a small but dedicated team, including their universally respected head winemaker, Russell Bevan. Bevan is granted absolute independence in the production, allowing Mother Nature full autonomy in combination with old- and new- world techniques. PerUs sources fruit from four vineyards, but they are particularly proud of the Tench Vineyard and Sugarloaf Vineyard, each consistently producing 100-point fruits.

The patience and persistence of the team at PerUs has produced rare Cabernet Sauvignons, impressive Bordeaux-style reds, and an unmatched Sauvignon Blanc. PerUs began production on a vintage in 2013 with only 30 cases produced, allowing for unmatched attention to quality from fruit to bottle. While their production has ramped up since then, the focus on quality remains unchanged. The foundation of wine at PerUs is the location of their vineyard sites – situated in a prime part of the Oakville Appellation.

It’s no wonder that PerUs has a wait-list for their members-only wine club. Their wines are delivered right to your door, and outside of those deliveries, you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. The magic happens when a group of tasters are introduced to proprietary blends and big California reds, all designed to be the best. When you join the club of PerUs, you become part of an intimate group of wine-lovers with access to their exclusive vintages.


PerUs head winemaker mike bevan holding a glass of red wine in the perus cellars

PerUs Head Winemaker Mike Bevan is one of Napa Valley’s most skilled and well-known winemakers.

The Exclusive Wines of PerUs


Bryn 2017, Proprietary Red, Cabernet


The crafting behind this blend (82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot) was meant to show the harmony between the two varietals. C hocolate notes of the Merlot are subdued by the more powerful blackberry and blueberry flavors of the Cabernet. The purity of fruit in the Cabernet Sauvignon is enhanced by the Merlot’s amazing mid-palate and richness. Clean fruit flavors lend a particularly juicy punch, conjuring up olfactory memories in a powerful, playful, and seductive blend.


Janeen 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon


Much like Bryn, this wine showcases a harmony between two different components. Bevan works with intense mountain fruit from Sage Ridge Vineyard (80%), but the velvety fruit of the Tench Vineyard (20%) helps to tame it. The red fruit flavors reveal a feminine side, but this wine is all about Cabernet Sauvignon’s amazing purity fruit.


perus wine tasting room

PerUs releases wines twice a year to their members, and can’t be found anywhere in the world.


Armaan 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon


Described as the 800-pound gorilla of the PerUs wine collection, tasters cannot believe how much flavor is packed into a sip. Your palate is first attacked by chocolate, cherry, plum, and blueberry, only to be followed by hints of mocha and chocolate. To sip this wine (100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Tench Vineyard) is to experience a symphony of Bevan’s passion and expertise swirling in a glass. Originally meant to be blended into another wine, the barrels were found to be so intense that PerUs decided to bottle it by itself. This made for a more limited production, but excellence cannot be forced. This wine is so massive and tantalizing, it should be shared with those that you adore, and nobody else. Go ahead, be a little selfish with Armaan.


Alessio 2017, Bordeaux Style Blend


Polished, refined, and sophisticated – this gentleman’s wine never disappoints. The Cabernet Franc, making up 43% of the blend, gives off a ripe tobacco-led aromatic and then gives way to a charming floral quality. The mid-palate is powered by the Cabernet Franc, allowing the wine to rest in a cellar for years and remain youthful. The Cabernet Sauvignon for this wine was aged in 100% Sylvain Grand Reserve barrels that help manage the tannins. The two spectacular varietals in this blend make it a true show stopper.

The Vineyards Behind the Wine


Houyi Vineyard


Houyi Vineyard lies in the Pritchard Hill area, a high-altitude sub-region east of Oakville.

This allows the vineyard to sit above the fog and bask in the morning sun. PerUs plants Cabernet Sauvignon in the gorgeous red, rocky soil, but Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot are also farmed here. The exceptionally rocky soil makes vineyard development difficult, but the distressed vines produce incredibly bold, beautiful fruit.


Tench Vineyard


The Tench Vineyard is blessed with 42 acres on a site that sits at the base of the Vacas Mountains.

Created by a landslide thousands of years ago, the soil changes dramatically from east to west. Red, iron-rich volcanic soils dominate the eastern Oakville benchlands, and on the western side you will find alluvial and clay soils. The nutrient-depleted soil allows purity of fruit flavor, producing extraordinary Cabernets with cherry flavor and round, mouth-filling texture.


perus vineyard grape rows in napa valley

The foundation of PerUs wine is the location of their vineyards – each in prime areas of Oakville.


Sage Ridge Vineyard


Sage Ridge Vineyard sits high above Lake Hennessey in Napa Valley, and Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the mountainous site.

Meticulous farming, dynamic climate, and air flow from multiple directions produce fantastic mountain fruit. At 1,400 feet above sea level, this arid environment means earlier bud break and consistent growth across 600 acres. An aerial view provides a look at the patchwork of blocks on steep hillsides and terraces. Silty clays, mixtures of gravel, and fractured rock might not seem like a good site for farming, but vines thrive at this mountain vineyard.


Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard


The Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard is planted with Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines over a sprawling 700 acres.

While vines flow in all directions over the rolling hills overlooking San Pablo Bay, PerUs sources their Cabernet Franc from select blocks. Despite the massive size, there is great consistency in the rocks around the property. These rocky soils act as a heat sink during the day, allowing for a profound intensity of flavor and rich texture. Bevan is Save & Exit adept at growing on this challenging site, using a technique of removing the leaf canopy very early in the growing season. This results in more direct sunlight and airflow. Despite the perceived difficulty of growing in this location, Bevan still manages to produce 100-point fruit.


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