March 15, 2018

Personal Aviation


Flying private is the most luxurious way to travel – boasting convenience, efficiency and versatility to name a few – benefits that appeal to elite travelers whether travel is for business or pleasure. The time spent flying commercially, rushing from one gate to the next only to get stopped at dreaded long security lines, can prove stressful and frustrating. However, taking a private jet to your next important business meeting or to your favorite vacation destination to unwind makes the process painless… and more importantly, Jet Linx makes it personal.

Fixed Base Operators, or FBOs, have a long history dating back to World War I – well before the heavy regulations seen today in aviation. Pilots would fly from town to town, landing in local fields to perform shows and offer lessons earning money to keep their dreams of flying alive. All this changed in 1926 when the United States government passed the Air Commerce Act, establishing rules for licensing pilots, performing aircraft maintenance, and forming regulations about where pilots could train. The outcome – pilots began opening businesses in small airports across the country, coining the term ‘Fixed Base Operator’ to distinguish that these were the transient pilots who had settled down with permanent operations. FBOs have evolved over the years, emerging as the elite way to travel – but not all FBOs provide the same unparalleled service that should be expected when flying privately. Jet Linx takes the client’s private flying experience to new heights with localized service and private facilities, ensuring personal relationships are formed delivering impeccable experiences from the initial interaction, to takeoff, landing and beyond.

“Each interaction throughout the entire trip process is with a team you know and trust – the Jet Linx team is local,” explained Missy Kemp, Jet Linx Director of Client Services. “Not only are you talking to someone from your local community, they are also personally there to send you off on your trip and greet you when you return. And this approach extends beyond just the Client Service team, to the Jet Linx Base Presidents, sales teams, maintenance professionals and crew – it really puts together the big picture of what we do at Jet Linx.”

Traditionally, FBOs act as servicing stations, providing fuel, maintenance, pilot accommodations, transportation, and catering – but also serve as a terminal for passengers. Jet Linx works with local FBOs in our Base cities for services such as fuel, de-icing and rental cars – however, the Jet Linx local model offers a key benefit other FBOs do not. “The biggest advantage we have over a traditional FBO is that they are typically public,” Kemp stated and continued, “All general aviation flights come in and out of those facilities, resulting in a lot of foot traffic for passengers to contend with each day. Jet Linx terminals are private, safe and designed to meet the client’s needs. Only Jet Linx members and aircraft owners are allowed to utilize our facilities, which positions our team to provide clients the top-notch personalized service they expect and deserve. A lot of clients really appreciate the ease of getting the personal connection at the Base during departures and arrivals – it’s not uncommon for them to go over final trip details and chat about future trips while indulging on delicious snacks and drinks.”

If Jet Linx clients fly into a city that does not have a Jet Linx terminal, all hands are on deck to guarantee the client receives the same high-quality service. “In an effort to keep satisfaction high, we continuously collect feedback from our crew members on the condition, quality, services, safety and overall satisfaction at FBOs across the country,” Kemp noted. “We want to control as much of the experience as we can.”

Booking a trip with Jet Linx offers more than reserving your flight, hopping on a random private jet and traveling from point A to point B. It is personal. Jet Linx clients call their local Base and speak to their local Client Service Specialist rather than a remote national call center with an 800 number and a disembodied voice. Every trip detail faces a thorough review, from catering for your flight to transportation needs upon arrival to your destination.

“The Jet Linx team goes above and beyond to make each trip as special as it can be,” Kemp pointed out. “This goes from having your favorite drink and snack on every flight to providing surprises for big trips like birthdays, anniversaries, football games, a spectacular vacation and even bachelor/bachelorette parties.” Each detail is meticulously cared for to deliver the best experience possible to Jet Linx clients. “Our team is here to make sure each client has the best experience.”

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