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On Lock: Jet Linx Nashville Partners with Carlock Motorcars

Jun 6, 2019 | News/Events, Nashville

A light bulb flashed inside Trey Sutter’s head as he drove by Carlock Motorcars, a luxury car dealership in a suburb of Nashville. Sutter, who is the CEO of Jet Linx Nashville, was struck by the luxury cars parked outside of the facility. Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, Bentley – you name it and they had it.

“I was impressed with their unique product offering and the overlap in the high-end luxury car brands with our Jet Linx membership program. It struck me that their clients would also be able to afford a Jet Card, but may not be aware of the ease and convenience that Jet Linx Nashville  offers,” Sutter added.

Luxury automobiles and private Jets do tend to mix well, and Carlock Motorcars caters to the same affluent individuals that can afford the finer things in life. “Carlock Motorcars targets the exact same buyer and offers a very exclusive product to a relatively small target market. We’re excited to introduce Jet Linx members to the special cars at Carlock Motorcars, but we’re also excited to introduce the Carlock buyers to the very special and exclusive opportunity to fly privately with Jet Linx,” Sutter said.

Carlock Motorcar customers will be offered exclusive discounts on a Jet Linx membership, as well as a special offer for management fees for owners of private jets. Likewise, Jet Linx members will get complimentary flight time added to their account when they purchase from Carlock Motorcars. The Nashville team has plans to host events in conjunction with Carlock as well, bringing together the finest in transportation on the road and in the sky. “The unique value of Jet Linx rests in our local model and the local relationships we build for our clients,” Sutter noted. “This is yet another example of the value only a Jet Linx membership can offer.”