Discover the Jet Linx Difference.

Your Private Terminal

Jet Linx Omaha

Having a private terminal is a truly unique luxury that comes with being a Jet Linx client. Enjoy complete privacy, be greeted and tended to by our local team, relax with a drink in our private, executive lounge, and be in the air in just a matter of minutes. Our private terminal is the ultimate convenience and luxury in private travel.

At Jet Linx Omaha, You Can Expect:

Complete Privacy

Privacy is something that should be part of flying private. When flying charter or through an FBO for any reason, you don’t get that same sense of privacy. With Jet Linx’s client-only terminal, you enjoy a truly private experience on your way in and out of Omaha.

Unmatched Service

Our local Omaha team provides you with service unmatched by any other form of private jet travel. They take care of every detail during the flight arrangement process and are there to provide the highest level of service when you depart from or arrive in Omaha.

Ultimate Convenience

Nothing beats the convenience of arriving at our Omaha Base, not having to look for parking, and being in the air in a matter of minutes. Once you experience this level of convenience,
nothing else will compare.

Terminal Amenities

Your Omaha private terminal is well-appointed with meeting space, a luxurious lounge area, kitchenette stocked with snacks and beverages, and Wifi connectivity.