May 19, 2021

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More than just suitcases, SteamLine Luggage offers the inspiration to get up and go – to embrace the inherent possibilities of travel – as the first part of any great adventure begins with a suitcase.


You pack it, you rely on it for comfort in foreign places, and after a journey there’s an unmistakable bond formed between yourself and the vessel that you carried so close for so long. SteamLine Luggage aims to restore the old glamour of flight by reminding its customers of the beauty that a well-made bag can carry.

Founded in 2005, SteamLine offers premium luggage and suitcases, designed with contrasting leather straps and elegant metallic accents. Each line of luggage features a sturdy construction and meticulous design to serve as a reminder of the incredible miracle of exploration and the privilege of traveling the world. Classic form and modern function merge to create a product sturdy enough to complete trips around the globe – but the products are also engineered to age beautifully as miles and memories from travel impart a gentle patina.

SteamLine founder Sara Banks hails from a family of pedigreed travelers. Her mother, at the age of 20, motorbiked across all of Europe in the 1970s. Her father, at 18, traveled from northern Wisconsin to the tip of South America, traveling some legs of the journey on horseback. Later in life, over the course of his business career, he accumulated more than a million air miles and would bring home foreign currency and bottle tops for his children.

Inspired by her parents’ travel from home to places warm, cold and far away, Banks cherished the opportunity to experience another culture when her family moved to Kenilworth, England – an experience that left a lasting impression.



For Banks, now married with four children, traveling means motorbiking around India, covering Sri Lanka by Tuk-Tuk and roaring through the waters of Kenya and Lamu by speedboat.

Banks’ journey to founding SteamLine Luggage comes from her previous work in the fashion industry where she sold multipurpose travel wear and accessories. At the many trade shows she attended, she noticed that other women would don beautiful garments and handbags, only to have their curated look marred by a drab suitcase. This was her a-ha moment.

“I remember thinking that the suitcase always betrayed the rest of the image,” Banks explained in an interview with Forbes. “As your largest-seen accessory, your luggage was an unavoidable part of the picture! If luggage were beautiful, you would be far less inclined to race to a meeting to stash your luggage in a nearby corner.”

When designing the first pieces of luggage, Banks took inspiration from her grandmother’s closet – full of leather trunks and vintage accessories – artfully made and long-lasting. SteamLine Luggage launched in 2005 with four original collections named after aspirational characters: The Editor, The Diplomat, The Entrepreneur and The Correspondent.

Each year, new collections and colors are added while keeping true to the vintage influence that sets SteamLine Luggage apart. The brand has collaborated with iconic brands like Kate Spade and Reiss on exclusive designs.




Natural leather products change over time, darkening and softening based on use and wear. These changes will not affect the luggage’s functionality. Instead, such changes merely remind the user of where they’ve been, and where they still need to go.

The sturdy engineering and design behind SteamLine Luggage is intentional. Banks’ own philosophy on travel is one of sustainability and responsibility. With that mindset, SteamLine Luggage products are not only exceptionally well-made, but they also come with a two-year warranty and a lifetime care program.

“When customers invest in SteamLine Luggage, they are purchasing a modern-day heirloom,” Banks emphasized. “Our cases are full of character, and that character only grows with time and travel. There are a few situations that come up regularly in travel – unwanted stickers, errant marks, or tears to leather and case materials – so we are happy to now offer cleaning and repair of our luggage.”

In partnership with Modern Leather Goods in New York, owners of SteamLine Luggage can now utilize services for repair and cleaning. Repair services include cleaning, fixing or replacing trolley and carry handles, as well as replacing entire zippers, wheels and locks.

“There is nothing more sustainable than a product for life,” Banks said. “We would love customers to take advantage of our refurbishment offerings to keep SteamLine rolling with them for generations.”




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