My Home Base – Zoe Gnaedinger, Jet Linx St. Louis

Aug 13, 2018 | Team Spotlight, Tulsa

In each edition of My Home Base, we feature a member of the Jet Linx team from across the country and showcase what they feel makes their Jet Linx location and their city special. In this edition, meet Zoe Gnaedinger, Jet Linx St. Louis Client Services Specialist.

Favorite part of your job: Handling the trip from the moment it’s booked to the second that our clients land back at the Base. There are so many team members at Jet Linx who work together to help make every flight possible and the best for our clients. It’s a pleasure being able to experience first-hand just how much our jet card and aircraft management clients appreciate all that Jet Linx has to offer them.

Describe the Jet Linx experience/team in one word: Passionate. Everyone at Jet Linx is very dedicated to their job, our clients, other team members and to the company as a whole.

Favorite Jet Linx memory or experience: Working and laughing with my team, whether greeting a flight or sitting in the office. There are too many favorites to choose – they put a smile on my face every day!

Favorite thing about St. Louis: Watching F-15s and F-18s do touch-and-goes from the tarmac. There is nothing else like it. Also the restaurant scene. St. Louis has some great food.

Little known fact about yourself, or favorite hobby: I love trying new things & everything outdoors. My two newest hobbies include mountain biking and fly fishing!

What someone might find surprising about your job: No two days are ever the same and there is always something new for me to learn. It’s extremely gratifying to have a job that provides an opportunity to be challenged, work with a great team, and personally interact with the clients on a daily basis.

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