December 19, 2022

My Home Base – Wyatt Stueven, Jet Linx National Operations Center

In each edition of My Home Base, we feature a member of the Jet Linx team from across the country and showcase what they feel makes their Jet Linx location and their city special. In this edition, meet Wyatt Stueven, Jet Linx Technical Writer.

Favorite part of your job: I enjoy the sense of belonging that I get from working at Jet Linx.

Describe the Jet Linx team in one word: Family.

Favorite Jet Linx memory or experience: Getting to fly on a Lear 45 while helping set up recording hardware for crew checkrides.

Little known fact about yourself, or favorite hobby: I play the Cello!

What someone might find surprising about your job: My job is actually really interesting – it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt every time I log in!

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