May 08, 2023

My Home Base – Travis Parks, Jet Linx National Operations Center

In each edition of My Home Base, we feature a member of the Jet Linx team from across the country and showcase what they feel makes their Jet Linx location and their city special. In this edition, meet Travis Parks, Jet Linx Senior Talent Acquisition Partner.

Favorite part of your job: Interviewing future Jet Linx pilots.

Describe the Jet Linx team or experience in one word: Phenomenal.

Favorite Jet Linx memory or experience: The annual Jet Linx Safety Summit. The discussion panels and topics are always interesting, thought-provoking and eye-opening.

Favorite thing about Omaha: Howard’s Mexican Restaurant.

Little known fact about yourself, or favorite hobby: I’ve played guitar for 28 years.

What someone might find surprising about your job: How similar Recruiting can be to Sales.

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