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Mike Smith // Client Testimonial Pt. 1

Sep 5, 2020 | Testimonial

Jet Linx Indianapolis Client Mike Smith on the value Jet Linx adds to his business, and the smart sense of our local, high-service approach.


I’m Mike Smith. I’m a private investor, a retired healthcare executive, and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my family. I’ve been in this market for a long time, I stay very busy, and I’m involved with businesses all over the country. Private aviation has been a part of my life for a long time – and my partner’s life. It was important to us to get into a situation where we had more control over our own destiny. Both of us are busy. Neither of us had an ambition to manage or worry about an airplane but finding a private aviation company that would take care of the airplane and help make sure that our personal needs were met was real important to us. We admire the Jet Linx model. We think a well-branded national organization that represents stability and strength, coupled with local ownership and the spirit of entrepreneurship – is a really unique and perfect model. I have been a customer of the other large private aviation companies and you missed that feel when you’re in an FBO as opposed to a private terminal. When we come here it has the spirit of entrepreneurism, energy, family, attentiveness, and it makes a great deal of difference to us. The Jet Linx experience for me is about convenience – in every respect. I’m being able to go when I want to go, when I need to go, where I need to go. This is really important. My life and my travel schedule is eclectic at – least some would say – but wild and crazy is a better description. But having the flexibility to travel when I need to travel and compress the amount of wasted motion that goes with general aviation when you’re on one day trips or two day trips, all that is trumped by the convenience of Jet Linx and private aviation.