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The Jet Linx Aircraft Marketplace

Purchasing a home is a complex financial process that involves the coordination of many different professionals – and purchasing a private jet is no different. With such a large and complex transaction, errors can become costly. A private aviation partner like Jet Linx will ensure a seamless purchase experience.

Since 2014, Jet Linx has offered the aircraft marketplace online. Brad Drew, Jet Linx Aviation Senior Vice President of Sales, noted that “The aircraft marketplace is a great first step to get a feel for what is available on the marketplace.”

A prospective buyer can easily browse through the inventory, scroll through high-resolution photographs of the exterior and interior of different aircraft, and review technical specifications such as airframe hours, engine type, and total cycles.

With over two decades of business experience, Jet Linx is in the fortunate position of having a network of trusted, professional broker partners. If interested in a particular aircraft, all a potential buyer has to do is fill out a simple form on the aircraft marketplace to be connected with a broker.

Jet Linx is also in the unique position of being a member of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). Being a member of NARA includes passing a meticulous application process, and membership is currently limited to just 100 companies.

“Our NARA Membership reflects the way we do business. We will always represent the best interests of our clients, starting with the marketplace and continuing through acquisition and management of the asset,” Drew stated.

From a turboprop to a heavy jet, the Jet Linx aircraft marketplace is a great place to takeoff from when in search of a private jet. Our aircraft acquisition specialists will then steer you in the right direction based on your mission objectives.

Start your journey to ownership on the Jet Linx Aircraft Marketplace!