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Keep Flying

90-Day Jet Card Membership

Keep Flying

Many commercial air travelers are seeking a private jet travel solution to help safeguard their health and provide continued mobility during this time of uncertainty. If you have friends or business associates looking for a private jet travel solution, they can now access Jet Linx’s guaranteed Jet Card services on a short-term basis through our newly introduced Affiliate Jet Card.

Jet Linx is now offering a 90-day Jet Card Membership to companies and individuals looking for the additional safety, security and peace of mind only its guaranteed Jet Card program provides.



Pay upfront Membership fee of $5,000 for access to any size jet with a simple pay-as-you-fly structure (normally $17,500). The membership provides you guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety until the Membership expires.
Jet Linx Private Terminals

Unlike crowded commercial airports or even FBO’s, Jet Linx offers 19 private terminals nationwide, with local teams serving our clients from our secure, members-only spaces. These facilities ensure minimal exposure to unknown passengers. Our local personnel are also placing additional focus on regular disinfection of our terminals, wiping down all surfaces and objects daily.



Jet Linx is the first air carrier in the country to install the “BIOPROTECTUs™ system; encompassing an array of patented, EPA-registered technologies that modify surfaces and provide disinfection and durable long-term antimicrobial protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. A critical component in the treatment system is BIOPROTECT™ (https://bioprotect.us/), a groundbreaking water-based antimicrobial product that creates a highly durable protective shield on surfaces and surface areas, both porous and non-porous. GLP testing has demonstrated that BIOPROTECT™ kills and substantially inhibits not only subsequent growth of a vast majority of algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Jet Linx will apply BIOPROTECT to our aircraft, Base terminals and facilities every 90 days.


Disinfection of Private Aircraft

To safeguard our clients from potential surface or object contamination, effective immediately, Jet Linx crew members and personnel will place additional emphasis on wiping down all aircraft cabin surfaces between flights with disinfecting wipes and antimicrobial spray.


If you’re considering private jet travel, contact us today to learn more.