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Jet Linx Joint Aircraft Ownership

Enjoy 100% of whole aircraft ownership – for only 50% of the cost.

The Jet Linx Joint Ownership program offers you the full benefits of aircraft ownership for half the price. This half ownership solution benefits new buyers looking to enter private jet ownership, but not ready for whole aircraft ownership yet, and existing aircraft owners looking for a way to defray half of their ownership expenses without the hassles of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) partnership agreements and management of the other party. Jet Linx manages all aspects of the aircraft and the two owners remain completely independent of one another.

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Why Jet Linx Jet Ownership?


With over two decades of experience and a fleet of 120+ aircraft under management, Jet Linx will manage the aircraft and all of its moving parts. We also remove all of the complexities of purchasing a jet, as Jet Linx identifies and purchases the aircraft, hires, trains and employs the pilots, and provides overall management of the aircraft, including the hangar, fuel, insurance, maintenance and scheduling.

To reduce the operating expenses associated with ownership, Jet Linx Joint Ownership aircraft also benefit from the Company’s buying power and scale as part of its fleet of aircraft nationwide. In addition, while the aircraft is idle from the owner’s use, Jet Linx generates revenue for the aircraft through its Jet Card membership program to further offset the ownership expense, making the Jet Linx Joint Ownership program the most cost-effective private jet ownership solution in the marketplace.

How Joint Aircraft Ownership with Jet Linx Works


  • Jet Linx sells 50% interest in a private jet to two different owners who are both based in the same city.
    • The aircraft is based locally to serve the owners.
    • The two owners never meet or interact, they’re completely independent of one another, both relationships are managed through Jet Linx as the manager of the aircraft.
    • In the event of a scheduling conflict, which is not likely due to limiting the aircraft to only two owners, both owners are gifted a complimentary Jet Linx Jet Card as guaranteed backup if the aircraft is not available due to other owner’s use or if the aircraft is down for maintenance.
  • Jet Linx identifies and purchases the aircraft, hires, trains and employs the pilots, and provides overall management of the aircraft, including its scheduling, hangar, fuel, maintenance and insurance.
    • Jet Linx will also sell 50% of an existing aircraft already owned by a private individual or company to reduce the carrying costs and capital outlay required for whole aircraft ownership.
  • The aircraft is added to the Jet Linx fleet of 120+ aircraft under management to leverage the fleet’s bulk buying power and scale when purchasing fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  • To significantly offset the expense of ownership, Jet Linx will generate charter revenue for the aircraft when its is idle or transient for owner trips.
    • For charter revenue authorization, both owners have the opportunity to accept or deny based upon their scheduled need of the aircraft.
    • Each owner can also reclaim the aircraft from charter after it’s been released for charter should there be a pop-up trip.
  • Owners pay the aircraft’s Direct Operating Cost for their own flights without any additional markup.
  • Owners pay a nominal monthly Management Fee for management of the aircraft.
  • Fixed expenses such as hangar, pilot salaries, maintenance and insurance are split between the two owners and passed through at cost without markup.

Why you want Joint Ownership with Jet Linx


  • You charter a jet from time-to-time and you’re far from impressed with the service, quality and safety standards.
  • You have been a fractional owner and you’re done feeling fractionalized – flying in a different aircraft with different crew members on every flight. And you’re done paying the highest hourly rates in the industry for such a marginal service experience.
  • You can afford to purchase the whole aircraft, but you cannot justify the expense for the number of hours that you plan to fly annually.
  • You currently own an aircraft but want to reduce its expense or upgrade into something newer and larger without a significant increase in cost.
  • You are not about to enter into a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) aircraft partnership with a friend or close associate for fear of the unknown when difficult circumstances and decision arise that cannot be settled with a handshake.
  • You want to sell half of your jet, but don’t want to go through the headache of finding, selling and managing a partner. Instead, you’d like a professional third-party with detailed agreements and defined boundaries to sell and manage a partner on your behalf.

The Lowest Net Cost Option for Private Jet Ownership


Our professionally managed private jet Joint Ownership offers an attractive solution for those unsatisfied with charter jet aircraft, fractional ownership, whole ownership, or a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) partnership arrangements.

With Jet Linx Joint Ownership of a private jet, all of your costs are significantly reduced:

  • Each party pays for half of the aircraft, cutting the capital outlay for the asset purchase in half
  • The market depreciation of the asset at the end of the ownership lifecycle is cut in half
  • All fixed and variable costs for its operation are cut in half

In addition, we also add a steady stream of revenue to your aircraft while its idle or transient for owner use. Your aircraft will generate significant revenue to offset your ownership expenses, thus making the bottom line cost of ownership the lowest in the industry. No other program can offer a better net hourly rate.

By Jet Linx professionally managing your Joint Ownership aircraft, we offer a structure for the purchase, title, operation and exit. You benefit from professional aircraft management and the lowest net cost of private jet ownership, plus access to our fleet of 120+ aircraft via your Jet Card membership program whenever you might need supplemental lift.


Joint Ownership of a private jet stands as a viable solution for a variety of individuals and corporations that need access to a private jet, but for a more justifiable price and service experience.


Whole ownership of a private jet is a great option, but if you’re under-utilizing your asset its annual carrying cost can be extremely high. A Jet Linx client becoming your Joint Owner can cut your cost in half and allow you to continue to enjoy your aircraft.



Many obstacles stand in the way of a desirable, durable partnership. This includes finding the appropriate partner, crafting the right agreements to protect each partner from the FAA/DOT and the IRS, satisfying both partner’s flight schedules, filing taxes, settling title agreements, and agreeing to a proper exit.


For those flying 50 hours or less per year, but would like the enjoyment of having their own aircraft and crew, and maybe take advantage of the depreciation tax benefits associated with ownership in an aircraft to further offset the expense of flying private