April 01, 2021

Jet Linx Tackles Your Private Jet Questions

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If you’re looking for the best private jet card or the best private jet management company, you’ll likely have some questions. Your Personal Jet Company has your answers.


At Jet Linx we pride ourselves on acting as your trusted business partner when it comes to private jet solutions. Our products and services are engineered with your needs in mind.


A Citation XLS awaits Jet Linx Jet Card members.

The Jet Linx Jet Card program offers three card options to cater to your specific travel needs.


Through years of industry experience in the Jet Card industry, here are some frequently asked questions about our Jet Card program:


Q) I am hesitant to make an upfront deposit due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic. How can I have more flexibility than locking myself into a certain amount of annual flying hours?

A) All Jet Linx Jet Card memberships are pay-as-you-go. No matter how many hours you expect to fly, you never leave money on the table.

If you decide to deposit Flight Funds, they can be refunded at any time, and Flight Funds customers that put $250,000 or more on account can earn up to 4% annually in flight credits. We also offer the limited-time Affiliate Jet Card, a three-month program that provides the guarantees you expect from Jet Linx, but at a greatly reduced membership fee.


Q) How does Jet Linx differ from charter?

A) Jet Linx differs from charter in the consistency of service delivery. With a Jet Linx Jet Card membership, you receive guaranteed availability of any size jet, guaranteed fixed hourly rates and the guaranteed highest standard of safety. On top of this, our local teams offer Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star service inside our 19 private, secure terminals nationwide. Time and again, Jet Linx offers the best private aviation experience possible.

When you need access to a private jet, you will call a local number, speak with someone that knows you personally, and rest assured that our team will take care of the rest, including ground transportation, catering or accommodations for overnight trips. When you fly charter, you receive inconsistent service and no guarantee that a plane will be ready when you need one – and you will pay a higher price for less service. Our national infrastructure allows efficiencies that few operators can match, and these savings are passed on to Jet Linx clients in the form of competitive, fixed hourly rates, sometimes 50% lower than other national Jet Card companies or charter operators.


Q) My family typically flies over the major holidays. Does pricing and availability change during those peak travel dates?

A) With a Jet Linx Jet Card membership, availability to a private jet of any size is guaranteed. During peak travel a Jet Linx plane and crew may not be available, but our teams utilize trusted partners for supplemental lift. That’s why we stand by our promise of guaranteed availability, as well as guaranteed highest level of safety (all Supplemental Lift partners undergo the same rigorous audits and inspections as Jet Linx aircraft and crews).

Pricing during peak days depends upon what type of Jet Card you have. Those with a Club Jet Card are subject to an additional 10% charge for peak dates, but our Executive Jet Card and Enterprise Jet Card members do not see any increase in price on peak travel days. However, all three Jet Card programs offer eligibility for One-way Flight specials and guaranteed access to a private jet.


Q) I am looking for a solution for my business and will need multiple people on my executive team to have access to the Membership. Can Jet Linx accommodate multiple people using your services?

A) Jet Linx offers three different Jet Cards (in addition to the limited-time Affiliate Card), two of which allow multiple people access to multiple aircraft within the same day.

The Executive Jet Card allows seven users access to two private jet aircraft per day, with a lead time of 48 hours.

The Enterprise Jet Card was created with businesses in mind. This card offers an unlimited number of users within your company, plus access of up to four private aircraft per day. Lead time for this card is 24 hours with no short-notice fees.


Q) Does your pricing include any repositioning fees?

A) Jet Linx Jet Card members are charged a round-trip rate based on occupied flight time only. There are no additional charges for deadhead flights, pilot wait time, pilot expenses, or overnights. When you fly charter, you will likely be on the hook for the cost of repositioning. Because Jet Linx does not charge additional for these fees, our rates remain very competitive industry-wide, sometimes nearly half of what other fractional ownership or Jet Card programs charge.


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