August 01, 2014

Jet Linx St. Louis honors the Greatest Generation


charter-flight-st-louis-greatest-generation-honor-flightWhat happens when a group of World War II veterans return home from seeing their memorial in Washington D.C. and they miss their welcome home party because they were delayed by bad weather? Jet Linx Aviation steps in and throws a party complete with motorcycle procession, slices of cake, and a whole lot of gratitude for service.

Jet Linx is an ardent supporter of our military and veterans, they served with honor, and we focus on customer service. We both focus on keeping our word, and achieving excellence.

The St. Louis Honor Flight holds a close relationship with Jet Linx’s St. Louis location. Our hangar hosted the event, and it was one of celebration. The hangar was transformed into a sea of red, white, and blue paraphernalia, and all of the veterans received a proper ‘welcome home’ party.

private-jet-st-louis-honor-flightThe Greater St. Louis honor Flight is an organization that safety transports WWII veterans to see their memorial in Washington D.C., with a great sense of urgency.

According to the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight organization, we are losing 900+ veterans a day, and they work tirelessly to locate and fly as many of those vets as possible to their memorial, free of charge.

charter-honor-flight-st-louisScreen%20Shot%202014-08-01%20at%208.44.23%20AMHundreds turned out to support and show appreciation for ‘The greatest generation’ and to celebrate their safe return home from seeing their memorial in Washington D.C.


Jet Linx was honored to be part of the celebration of patriotism and gratitude.

Will Rogers once said: “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.” Jet Linx was honored to use their available hangar and do just that for our veterans.


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