March 15, 2016

Jet Linx Receives Renewed Wyvern Wingman Status | Private Jet Safety


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Jet Linx has successfully completed Wyvern Consulting, Ltd.’s private jet safety audit for the second consecutive time, again securing Wyvern Wingman status.


The Wyvern Wingman Seal for private jet safety excellence.

The Wyvern Wingman Seal for private jet safety excellence.


The Wyvern audit evaluates an evolving set of recommended industry best practices for aircraft operators, their private jet safety procedures and performance criteria. “Since 1991, Wyvern has been a global leader in aviation audits and data services. Wyvern audits seek to elevate safety and promote a positive safety culture in the aviation industry,” said Kari Johnson, Jet Linx Aviation Director of Safety.

Jet Linx participates in audits for each of its safety certifications. These include Wyvern Wingman, ARGUS Platinum and IS-BAO Stage 3.

“Since 2007, ARGUS (Aviation Research Group United States) has conducted audits of Jet Linx every two years. Wyvern Ltd. was engaged to provide an audit on the alternate years. The combination of these two audits provides annual safety oversight,” Johnson explained. “In addition, these audits are supplemented by IS-BAO audits, the internationally recognized safety and operational standard. IS-BAO audits also validate and advance Jet Linx’s Safety Management System.”

“We put safety at the forefront of everything we do,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx Aviation President & CEO. “It’s so easy to take the familiar and routine things for granted and assume private jet safety is a given. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


“Our team makes safety happen everyday by studying the industry, deploying best practices, and challenging ourselves to raise the bar.”


Learn more about the Jet Linx safety culture and our industry-best private jet solutions – contact us today.


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