December 02, 2015

Jet Linx Receives IS-BAO Stage 3 Certification


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Since 1999, the Jet Linx Aviation private jet team has proven our commitment to safety, for our clients, our team and our industry. In 2015, a new demonstration of that promise came to light: Jet Linx Aviation successfully achieved International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Stage 3 certification, the highest recognized standard from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

While Jet Linx makes it a habit to maintain some of the highest safety standards in the industry, the IS-BAO Stage 3 Certification is one of the most difficult to receive. “Achievements like reaching the IS-BAO Stage 3 certification shows our dedication to the highest standards of safety in the world,” said Jet Linx Aviation Director of Safety Kari Johnson. “Very few companies receive the Stage 3 certification. In fact, less than 1% of the operators in the world have achieved such a safety standard.”

IBAC, an International Non-Governmental Organization, promotes business aviation through a variety of international channels. The organization also provides guidance to flight departments and aviation through programs it manages, including the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, training materials, and the Aircrew Identification Card.

“The ratings and the results of the audits are nice to have,” said Jason Vanis, Vice President of Flight Operations. “More so, it’s important to me because it allows a third party to come in and critique our operation and really dig in and make valuable suggestions as to ways we can improve.” Each audit for the IS-BAO certification consists of an on-site inspection, with most time spent at the Jet Linx National Operations Center. For Stage 3 certification, the audit focuses on a mature and well documented safety management system, a positive safety culture, and the integration of safety management activities into the business. “It’s really all about our safety program and the commitment by [Jet Linx Aviation President & CEO] Jamie Walker to have the best and safest operation we possibly can,” said Bruce Tuttle, Jet Linx Aviation Director of Compliance.

For the IS-BAO certification and more, the doors of Jet Linx are open to auditors. “We welcome the audits and inspections,” said Vanis. “We do it so we can make sure we are maintaining the highest level of safety. I’m very proud of the team because we very, very rarely have any requested or required changes, they’re mostly suggestions. It’s great that we can sit down and discuss ways to improve our operation.”

“Safety is only as good as the last time we closed the door,” Tuttle said. “It’s a moving target. No two days are the same.”


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