July 15, 2019

Jet Linx New York Sneak Peek

The thriving metropolis of New York offers travelers several large airports, but Teterobo’s proximity to midtown Manhattan can’t be beat. With 180,000 flights per year, Teterboro is truly the heart of an enormous market. “The airport’s location puts it at the fifty yard-line of private aviation in the metro area,” noted Isaac Flanagan, Base Operating Partner for Jet Linx New York. “We feel so lucky to represent Jet Linx here, and to put our best foot forward for the entire family.”

At established Bases across the country and new locations in Chicago, Boston and New York, Jet Linx strives to make private aviation not only personalized, but effortless. “With that in mind, we wanted to avoid pretense, ostentation and outdated expressions of luxury,” noted Flanagan. “Instead, we will position the Jet Linx New York terminal as smart and purposeful, but also relaxed, calm and welcoming. In short: effortless luxury.”

The Jet Linx New York team is developing the space as a three-dimensional reflection of the Jet Linx brand, one in which the member or aircraft owner will be reminded of the company’s culture and service in ten-minute encounters. “The first impression we want to make is of service and credibility. As one moves through the space, we want to convey the comfort and privacy of a residence while still serving the transient nature of a hotel lobby.”

To execute these objectives, Jet Linx New York enlisted Paul Bennett Architects. “Paul has deep experience in office, retail and residential environments and an intimate familiarity with the customer we’re trying to serve,” Flanagan continued.Through clean lines and smart, modern finishes like cognac  leather, fluted glass and teak woods, the space promises a highly organized, thoughtful and stylish environment. “New York is a crowded market, with many determined competitors in the private aviation space and customers who’ve seen it all. We are so excited to introduce Jet Linx to this city, and to serve Jet Linx members nationwide when they pass through the area. We know we are going to open up not only with a private terminal unlike any other in the area, but more importantly, with the best business model and the best people in the business,” he concluded.

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