May 25, 2021

Jet Linx Nashville – Private Terminal Walkthrough


Jet Linx Nashville officially opened its doors in 2016, but in October 2019 the team moved into a different facility to offer more comfort, convenience and luxury to Jet Linx Jet Card members, aircraft owners, and their guests.

The 7,000 square-foot private terminal with attached 30,000 square-foot hangar offers plenty of Music City flair and is conveniently located on the south side of Nashville International Airport.

Located at Nashville International Airport:

  • 20 minutes to downtown Nashville
  • 15 minutes away from the Grand Ole Opry
  • 15 minutes to Music Row

Jet Linx Jet Card members and aircraft owners can park in the private lot and be assisted with their luggage by a member of the Jet Linx Nashville team. Clients can choose to enter the private terminal or board the plane directly if desired.

A putting green outside the front door offers a leisurely way to practice your short game while waiting to board, and doubles as a popular happy hour location.

The private terminal features a well-equipped reception area where all flights are monitored for consistent service and guests are greeted upon arrival.

Two separate lounge areas and a private conference room offer plenty of space to stretch out in the 7,000 square-foot office space. Unobstructed views to the south provide panoramic plane-watching views and a front row seat to Nashville’s stunning sunsets.

Jet Linx clients enjoy magazines and local publications set atop custom furniture, a relaxing way to await a flight, especially with your choice of preferred beverage in hand.

A secondary lounge area with couch and leather-bound chairs provides a comfortable spot to recline and absorb views to the south or enjoy entertainment on the wall-mounted screen.

The design of the terminal features modern yet rustic elements that have come to define the Music City experience: old-fashioned hospitality paired with unassuming luxury.

Jet Linx Jet Card members and aircraft owners have full access to premium snacks and beverages in the kitchenette. Don’t be surprised to find your personal favorites ready and waiting when you fly with Jet Linx.

The Jet Linx Nashville team has a generous supply of Tennessee whisky for a real taste of southern comfort. The bar is kept well-stocked with an assortment of choice liquor, and the wine refrigerator is always ready for a special toast before departure.

The spacious private conference room offers a high-end space for preflight huddles or casual luncheons. The instruments on the walls come from a private collection, injecting a dose of Music City into the private terminal.

Unlike most other terminals at the airport, Jet Linx Nashville offers a private unisex bathroom, styled to reflect the spirit of Nashville.

The 30,000 square foot hangar offers excellent views and doubles as a perfect venue for gatherings and special events. This photo was taken at the October 2019 Grand opening event.

Clients will easily find their way to the private terminal with prominent signage visible from Murfreesboro Rd., from which members can turn directly onto Jet Linx Nashville’s private driveway.

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