January 28, 2020

Jet Linx Indianapolis Travels 1,100 Miles for Jet Card Members

The Jet Linx Indianapolis team often schedules flights to sunny Florida for snowbirds that want to escape the Midwestern winters. These bittersweet goodbyes occur every year and last for a few months. However, the tradition of saying a long goodbye changed in 2020. Jet Linx Indianapolis Base President, Brad Frawley, suggested something a little outside the box. Frawley wanted to host events in Florida to show appreciation for their jet card clients that travel south for the winter. Four Jet Linx team members made the 1,100 mile journey in January. The trip was a perfect chance for team members of Jet Linx Indianapolis to display the true meaning of Forbes Five Star customer service.

“These are clients that we see around our private terminanl often and have formed close relationships with. In the winter months when they’re away, we do miss their company,” explained Kaitlyn Smith, General Manager at Jet Linx Indianapolis. “We value these clients. This is why we’re hosting events for them in Florida. Our clients expect Five Star service, so we brought our appreciation directly to them. I’m not sure of any other Jet Card companies that go to those lengths for clients.”

Smith and Olivia Snyder, Personal Flight Concierge, organized two separate events in unique locations. The first event took place in Bonita Springs, and the second occurred in Longboat Key. The decision to have two events, instead of one, was meant to make it easier for all Jet Linx Jet Card clients to attend.

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