August 25, 2016

Jet Linx Fort Worth Takes Flight

The Jet Linx Fort Worth team was thrilled to conduct its first Jet Card client flight from their new private terminal at Meacham International Airport. Scott Newell, Jet Linx Fort Worth General Manager & Vice President of Aircraft Management, gave some insight into the flight and the updated operations at Jet Linx Fort Worth.

“We already had our first owner departure and arrival, but this was the first client flight out of the facility, and it was for one of the Fort Worth clients,” Newell recalled. “We always love to host clients from other Jet Linx cities, but it made it special for us that the first client trip was for a Fort Worth client.”

Newell moved to the Fort Worth office after spending eight years at Jet Linx Dallas. One of that Base’s first team members, Newell is familiar with the challenges of helping to start a new Base – but he’s ready to tackle the challenge. “I’m really excited for the opportunity – and for the responsibility and trust the Carrekers have in me,” he said. “I’m reliving a lot of those startup things that we’ve figured out in our time in Dallas that now come naturally because it’s so established, and here we’re just starting.”

The Jet Linx Fort Worth team has begun to grow already, and Newell is glad to see the pieces fall into place. “What I like is that in the last couple of weeks, we have the beginning of the team here,” he said excitedly. “Penni [Hall, Client Services Specialist] is an industry veteran with lots of knowledge, and we added Sydney Archer who will help Penni with Client Services.” Hall joined the Jet Linx Dallas team in 2015, and has made the move over to Jet Linx Fort Worth. The two Bases will continue to work closely together as Jet Linx Fort Worth develops. “We couldn’t do it at all without the additional support of Jet Linx Dallas,” Newell explained. “It’s very unique within the Jet Linx network. We’re able to work with the Jet Linx Dallas safety officer and the chief pilot and keep it under that umbrella.”

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