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Jet Linx Adds Private Jets, Expands Team

Apr 22, 2015 | Private Jet Travel, News/Events, Omaha

As more private jets join Jet Linx across the country, the Omaha-based company plans to expand its team to fully support its clients and plan for future growth.

“In the first quarter of 2015, we brought on as many jets as we did in all of 2014,” said Kim Hurst, Jet Linx Aviation Recruiter. Each addition to Jet Linx’s fleet adds to the list of new opportunities for Hurst to help fill. “For example, we added two new aircraft in Houston first quarter,” Hurst said. “Each aircraft has its own dedicated pilots: we don’t have a rotating pilot pool like a commercial airline. In addition to those pilots, Houston now requires its own base maintenance manager, and eventually a base chief pilot. They’ve added to their client service and sales teams. The number of new opportunities depends where each individual Base is in building its infrastructure.” With the addition of two new planes, our Houston Base broke the barrier to needing more dedicated support staff in the office. “As our list of pilots to hire for new aircraft increases, so does our list of non-crew positions,” she continued.

While the growth of the Jet Linx team isn’t always 1:1 pilots and non-crew positions, an increase in Jet Linx’s fleet means the opportunity to add to internal teams. “One of the biggest things we are working on right now is support at the National Operations Center,” Hurst explained. “We have to have the infrastructure in place at the NOC to support the Bases, so they can continue to bring on more planes and more pilots. For example, our IT department has doubled in size since the start of the year. We’re looking to provide internal service to our fellow team members to make sure that everyone here has the tools they need to succeed. Growing this internal infrastructure will limit growing pains as we continue to add more planes, and even more Bases, in the future.”

Even though the growth to internal teams may not be visible to clients, they will feel the positive effects. “The better internal service we can provide to our teams, the better external service we will have,” Hurst smiled.

View our list of open positions here.