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What's the Difference? Jet Card vs. Private Jet Charter

When considering private jet travel options that don’t include some level of ownership of an aircraft, your options are a private jet card or flying charter. But what’s the difference? Which is right for you? Use our chart below to compare your private aviation options.

Membership Benefits ComparisonJet LinxLocal Charter
Guaranteed Hourly Round Trip and One-Way Rates
Guaranteed Aircraft Availability (All Jet Sizes)
Fleet of Aircraft Nationwide
ARGUS Platinum Safety, IS-BAO Stage 3, SMS
National Organizational Infrastructure

The Advantages of a Jet Card:

  • Guaranteed jet availability
  • Guaranteed flight cost
  • Guaranteed highest standard of safety
  • Enhanced luxury and convenience
  • Consistency

Jet Availability:
Guaranteed vs. Unknown

When flying private, you want to know that your travel plan will go smoothly. Surprises aren’t welcome. Jet availability is an area where the jet cards provide an immense advantage.

// Guaranteed Jet Availability with Private Jet Card

With a Jet Linx Private Jet Card, you know that when you schedule a flight, a jet will be available. Even if the jet you were going to be traveling in has any type of maintenance issue prior to your flight, our size of fleet guarantees that you will have a recovery aircraft available. Our Jet Card program will get you where you need to be.

// Unknown Jet Availability with Private Jet Charter

Where a jet card can deliver guaranteed jet availability, private jet charters come with less certainty. When you charter a flight, you’re typically booking and paying for a specific jet. Prior to the flight, if that jet has a mechanical issue or a crew member gets sick, you could be out of luck. Local charter companies don’t have the fleet size to accommodate their clients when something unexpected happens.

Private Flight Cost: Guaranteed vs. Varying Prices

Cost matters when flying private. When comparing a jet card to a private jet charter, the main difference you’ll see is that the jet card offers guaranteed pricing where charter pricing changes on a flight-by-flight basis.

// Jet Card Program: Guaranteed Pricing

Knowing what you’re going to pay when flying private provides a level of comfort and consistency that our Jet Card users enjoy. When we say guaranteed pricing at Jet Linx, we really mean it.

  • What we quote you is what you’ll pay, and we only charge for occupied flight time. There aren’t any charges for additional flight time, pilot wait time, or landing fees.
  • Only paying for occupied flight time also means you pay one-way rates when you make a one-way flight. This is an incredible advantage over charter, which charges for both flight legs, even if you only fly one.

// Private Jet Charter: Constantly Changing Pricing

Pricing on the charter market is constantly changing. You never know what to expect when scheduling a flight.

  • Private jet charters charge for additional flight time, pilot wait time, landing fees, and more.
  • If you take a one-way trip flying charter, you typically pay for the return trip, even though you’re not on it. This means you’re paying for much more than occupied flight time.

When flying private, you want to know that your travel plan will go smoothly. Surprises aren’t welcome.

Jet Card Program: The Consistency & Service You Want

Jet cards deliver a level of consistency and service that flying charter simply can’t compete with. From guaranteed jet availability and guaranteed pricing to a dedicated client services team and private terminal, the Jet Linx Jet Card delivers an incredible private travel experience time and time again.