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Private Jet Card Membership

A Jet Linx Private Jet Card Membership comes with three guarantees:


Guaranteed availability of any size jet


Guaranteed, fixed hourly rates


Guaranteed highest standard of safety 

Our Jet Card membership deliver a level of consistency and service that flying charter simply can’t compete with. From guaranteed jet availability and guaranteed pricing to a dedicated Flight Concierge team and private terminal, a Jet Linx Jet Card membership delivers an incredible private travel experience time and time again. 

Jet Card Benefits ComparisonExecutive Jet Card
Private Jet Member Users2 users
Aircraft Per Day1 private jet aircraft per day
Peak TravelNo additional charge on hourly rates
Flight Funds$250,000 non-refundable deposit (required every 12 months)
$350,000 non-refundable deposit (required every 12 months, receives 3% flight credit)
Elevated Lifestyle (EL)Enhanced Tier I (EL+) Benefits
Lead Time96-hour notice during non-peak travel; 120-hour notice during peak travel
One-Time Membership Fee$25,000
Referral Credit$4,000 for signed Jet Card referral;
$10,000 for signed Aircraft Management referral.
Terms and conditions apply.
Access to OpenSeat ExchangeYes

When it Comes to Private Jet Memberships, there is No Comparison

Safety & Pilot Training


A Jet Linx Private Jet Card Membership comes with a guaranteed highest standard of safety. With third-party audit designations such as ARGUS Platinum Elite, IS-BAO Stage 3 and Wyvern Wingman, Jet Linx stands in the top one percent of over 1,000 U.S.-based private jet operators. Our robust safety management system evolves daily to find solutions to potential problems. Recurrent pilot training and aircraft-specific pilot assignments ensure that our pilots know private jets as well as their own vehicles. Our team continually goes above and beyond to protect Jet Card members, evidenced by daily flight risk assessments, a voluntary safety reporting program, an internal Safety Summit, a robust Emergency Response Program and integrated flight following. Safety informs every decision at Jet Linx, impacting everyone from leadership to line crews. Our standards of safety perch high above industry standards, evidenced by our rare pedigree of third-party certifications. 

Aircraft Options


Jet Linx boasts a fleet of more than 100 aircraft nationwide. Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Heavy Jets are all available for all Jet Card members. The variety of private jets in the fleet offers our members many options when it comes to range, comfort and personal preference. Our size also guarantees that regardless of any setbacks, we will have access to the right private jet and flight staff to complete your mission, a capability not available to the majority of charter flights. Whether you are taking a family ski trip to Aspen or you are heading to Chicago for a board meeting, our fleet of private jets is available to serve the needs of your mission. 

Guaranteed Availability


Unlike chartering a private jet, a Jet Linx Jet Card membership comes with guaranteed access to an aircraft when and where you need it. Our members can always count on Jet Linx to source a private jet for your planned trip. Compared to charter flights, our jet card memberships offer guarantees on rates, access to a jet to fulfill your trip as quoted, and Five-Star service and safety. No matter the circumstances, our team members create solutions in order to serve Jet Card members.

Private Terminal


Only our Jet Card members are allowed in our private terminals, offering privacy not found on charter flights through third-party FBOs. All of our private jet terminals are outfitted to keep you entertained and keep you productive – whichever you prefer. Complimentary snacks and drinks according to your personal preferences and high speed Wifi come standard. Business travelers can also access well-equipped private conference rooms in most of our private terminals. Each one of our private terminals offer a safe, secure space to unwind before or after a flight.


International Travel


Al Jet Linx Jet Card membership allows access to over 5,000 airports nationwide and around the world. Our private jet membership includes a primary service area of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Our international service area includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Australia and New Zealand. Pair your private jet membership with the Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle Preferred Hotel Program, a first-in-industry plane-to-pillow travel solution. Properties all around the world have joined the Preferred Hotel program, offering benefits that rival the best rewards programs available, with many more to come.

Lifestyle Partnerships


As a complimentary add-on to your private jet card membership, the Elevated Lifestyle Program provides a portfolio of exclusive offers from our network of luxury partners in travel, transportation, libations and fare, golf, health and wellness, fashion and beyond. The program seeks to enhance your travel experience as a Jet Card member by unveiling new and intriguing brands that complement the private aviation lifestyle. Quarterly updates to the program ensure that client benefits continue to expand. The most recent addition, the Preferred Hotel Program, provides exclusive access to a network of the world’s finest star-rated hotels, as well as complimentary booking assistance at participating properties.

Private Jet Membership Cost


Not all Jet Card memberships are created equal. When you invest in a Jet Linx private jet membership, you reap the benefits of a personal service that operates locally, but remains backed by a powerful national infrastructure. The national backbone and size of fleet behind our local private terminals allows efficiencies that few private jet operators can match. Those savings are then passed on to our members in the form of competitive, fixed hourly rates – up to 50% lower than other national Jet Card companies. Our costs are also transparent and predictable, as there are no hidden fees often associated with charter flights.


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Additional Benefits for Jet Card Members


OpenSeat Exchange


The OpenSeat Exchange serves as an exclusive flight sharing option only available to current Jet Linx Jet Card members. The OpenSeat Exchange allows members to purchase empty seats on other Jet Linx member flights – or to sell empty seats on their booked flights – exclusively through the Jet Linx Mobile App. With the OpenSeat Exchange, you enjoy private aviation with like-minded individuals while sharing the cost on a per-seat basis. 


Your Personal Private Aviation Company



Private jet memberships are one of several core Jet Linx programs. Our private aircraft management program and aircraft acquisition and sales support experts provide private jet solutions beyond jet card membership. 


Aircraft Management


With the third largest Part 135 fleet in the nation, Jet Linx aircraft owners reap the benefit of volume discounts not available to other smaller operators, saving up to 15% on fuel, maintenance, pilot training, hangaring and insurance. Jet Linx also offers our aircraft owners revenue generation opportunities, offsetting the costs of ownership through our Jet Card program.

Acquisitions & Sales


Prospective aircraft owners rely on Jet Linx because the purchase of an aircraft requires attention to detail and a firm understanding of client needs. When making such a significant investment, it’s important to work with experts that understand the power of a private jet. Experts at Jet Linx guide you through the process, leveraging turnkey aircraft for sale, our Aircraft Marketplace, our extensive network of broker partners, and more to ensure you find the right aircraft for your travel needs.