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Innovation in Flightsharing

The OpenSeat Exchange

Jet Linx continuously pushes to innovate and improve its private jet service offerings for its Jet Card members and aircraft owners. Realizing over 40,000 seats went empty on booked Jet Linx member flights in 2018, the company launched an exciting new flightsharing program in its app, called the OpenSeat Exchange. This exclusive member-only program allows Jet Linx clients to share the price of a flight on a per-seat basis. Not only does it allow its clients to offset the cost to fly private, it allows members an opportunity to make the most out of their experience with Jet Linx by leveraging the power of its community, sharing flights with other trusted members of the Jet Linx family.

“Members who are not utilizing all of the seats on their booked flights can greatly reduce their overall cost by releasing their seats to other like-minded members through the OpenSeat Exchange,” shared Jamie Walker, President and CEO of Jet Linx. “This exciting new program not only reduces the expense so our clients can have the opportunity to fly more often by sharing flights, it’s also a fun way to meet other members in their local Jet Linx community.”

The OpenSeat Exchange represents a long sought after value enhancement for Jet Linx clients. Walker was proud to explain, “Our clients have been asking for a flightsharing option for over a decade. We are excited to now have the technology in place, both client-facing and behind-the-scenes, to be able to fulfill this request with simplicity through our Mobile App.”

OpenSeat operates exclusively through the Jet Linx Mobile App, where requests are made to buy and sell open seats on flights booked by other jet card members.

A critical part of the OpenSeat program remains the exclusivity of the member-to-member exchange; a peer-to-peer exchange. As other private jet companies have offered similar programs with mixed results, meticulous planning and thought went into development of the OpenSeat Exchange for long term success of the program. So, what makes the Jet Linx OpenSeat Exchange program different – and better?

  • The program is reserved for members only, who must apply and qualify to become a jet card member, eliminating the unknowns that have plagued other organizations.
  • Jet Linx’s locally-focused jet card program offering generates the industry’s largest concentration of jet card members flying in and out of their Base locations of service.
  • It is 100% App-based with automated notifications for ease of use.
  • The OpenSeat Exchange updates in real time, allowing Jet Linx members up-to-the-minute OpenSeat inventories.
  • Members can search for open seats on flights to or from specific locations, or browse the entire inventory of open seats.

The OpenSeat Exchange is part of a larger upgrade to the Jet Linx Mobile App, where jet card members can already quote and book flights, make manifest changes, book ground transportation, view and book empty one way flights, customize favorite airports for alerts, and receive daily news and updates from Jet Linx.

With this new OpenSeat offering, Jet Linx promises to make private jet travel easier and more accessible, while retaining its premier level of service and safety.