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Holiday Lookbook

From Tom James

Explore your custom-clothing options this season with Jet Linx Elevated Lifestyle partner Tom James and make an impression.




When you’re home for the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to dress down. From a gift exchange to a sleigh ride, Tom James offers classic styles with performance options that provide style and comfort.

For a classic casual look, layers are your best friend. If you walk into a party feeling a bit overdressed, simply shed a layer! For layered warmth and style, opt for a heathered-wool zippered sweater in black or gray, on top of a checkered button-up for some eye-catching contrast. A pair of slacks and leather dress shoes will round out the outfit. You’ll feel at home unwrapping gifts but could just as easily head outside for an impromptu game of flag football.

Gathering outdoors for social distancing? For a more casual, outdoorsy look, opt for a flannel shirt jacket featuring a subtle windowpane pattern, front placket and gunmetal buttons. The outfit can be layered with a long-sleeve polyester shirt for a smart, relaxed look while keeping you toasty. The Modern Fit denim with harmony stitching fits perfectly and allows room for movement. This is a perfect outfit for a sleigh ride!

A performance casual look might feature a classic fine-gauge pullover sweater with an all-over tonal plaid pattern, plus a sport shirt that combines advanced performance with the refined look of a classic men’s dress shirt. Rounding out your ensemble is a pair of relaxed-fit denim with plenty of stretch for when you indulge in rich holiday feasts.

The experts at Tom James are standing by to help you curate the perfect “Home for the Holidays” wardrobe – from outerwear to accessories – in the latest colors and materials.




Formal Holiday events or parties allow an excuse for over-the-top styles and outfits reserved for only the most special occasions. (And yes, these looks are sanctioned for a well-planned night for two as well!)

There’s no better way to get into the holiday mood than slipping into a custom-fitted outfit, tailor-tuned to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. For a classic holiday look, nothing could be more appropriate than a red Tartan plaid jacket. If you want to bring some personality and festive color to your event, this is the one.

However, if you want to stay classy but remain more low-profile, opt for a tried-and-true white dinner jacket. Although typically worn in warmer weather, a white dinner jacket can stand out with a Holland and Sherry cashmere scarf.

When you aren’t sure what to wear, but you’re sure you want a polished look, opt for a Midnight blue suit in a classic cut. The stately outfit is neither flashy nor sterile. Pair with solid, dark navy pants for a dignified duo, or add a more festive touch with a navy Tartan plaid pattern.

And don’t forget a holiday must-have… velvet. Velvet serves as one of the softest and most sumptuous fabrics for suit making. When crafted into a sport coat, it exudes an irresistible, ‘must-be-touched’ quality that absorbs light but reflects deep color. A velvet jacket can be paired with a number of accessories to produce a very delicate, ornate outfit. However, a velvet jacket can also be paired with colored denim for an elevated but approachable look, perfect for any holiday setting.




Dressing for office parties or other smart social gatherings can be tricky if no dress code is announced. Your Tom James clothier can help you coordinate and maintain a host of options appropriate for office and social events.

How do you tackle an office gathering? You don’t want to look better than your boss, but you don’t want to show up wearing what you wore to work, either. A 100% cashmere jacket with craft stitching can warm up your wardrobe in a subtle but elegant way. If you need to add a layer, opt for a custom cashmere sweater.

The Sherry Kash luxury wool with cashmere jacketing features merino wool and cashmere blended fabrics. Combining comfort and softness, this is the peak of winter jacketing. If you don’t have time, this jacket can take you from the office to the cocktail party when paired with a mock-zip turtleneck sweater. Layering allows you to wear the sport coat more like outerwear, leaving the sweater for more casual events.

If you’re not trying to attract attention, opt for a lighter-toned, 100% cashmere jacket paired with light denim for a more classic, cozy look. This outfit offers effortless style, perfect for when you need to attend multiple parties in one evening. These looks are equally appropriate for an evening of cocktails al fresco with friends or for a special dinner with a special someone.

Not sure where to start in curating a closet for all occasions? A Tom James Personal Clothier is more than a stylist – they are wardrobe consultants that plan, coordinate and maintain your styles for any occasion, and will meet you at your office or in your home for fittings and consultations on your schedule.